Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Another hotel planned for LIC

From LIC Post:

Permits have been filed for a 116-room hotel in Long Island City.

The new hotel would rise to 16 stories, or 179 feet, at 38-59 11th St. The site, currently vacant land, is two blocks from the Queensboro Bridge.

The plans call for a hotel spanning over 54,000 square feet, with eight rooms each from floors two through 14. The remaining two floors will hold six rooms.

The hotel will also come with a breakfast area, a business center, a fitness and laundry room, and 31 enclosed parking spaces.

And we all know how successful hotels in this area have been.


JQ LLC said...

Where the hell is Scott Stringer on this.

R185 said...

All of these small hotels have the same business plan: see what they can make on foreign tourists, then let the City use it as a shelter.

Anonymous said...

This is LIC....zoned for high density.
Expect shit on top of crap,
It ain't never gonna get better, only worse!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just another Homeless Shelter in the making. I think Queens has quite enough hotels. Most tourists stay in Manhattan anyway. The only thing worth seeing in Queens is the two airports - to arrive and depart. Time to put a ban on building hotels and motels. Queens is so overcrowded anyway. With all the construction, bike lanes, limited bus and subway service, brownouts during the summer because the electrical grid can't sustain all the new apartments, start working on the infrastructure. That's what is needed. As for the vacant land, building senior housing instead of another Homeless Shelter.

Anonymous said...

What's with the two hotels right smack on top of two of the most dangerous ho using projects in Queens? I assume these hotels are being for the so called homeless - once some one has a domicile, they are no longer homeless. But that would put the Dept of Homeless Services out of business so they have to keep on creating homeless and indigent people. Same thing with welfare.

georgetheatheist said...

" The only thing worth seeing in Queens is the two airports - to arrive and depart."

What about the Vallonia section? And the fact that you can be robbed in over 136 languages?

Anonymous said...

"Where the hell is Scott Stringer on this."

better question: where is costa or JVB?

answer: with their heads up developers asses. Nevermind kissing their posteriors, they are full blown eating their asses. It's what they do.

Anonymous said...

"And the fact that you can be robbed in over 136 languages?"

thats the beauty of the world's borough Mr. Theathiest.

Izayoi said...

Why do these hotel guys love Long Island City so much?

Anonymous said...

Oh Hail Vallonia!

Oh, the Hell with Vallonia!

Joe Moretti said...

PHOTO of "a head shaking".

If it is hotel going up, it must be Queens. Funny how you never have heard ONCE that bitch BP Melinda Katz on this..........or any fucking other issue in Queens except "we speak 136 languages or 137, she forgot the most important language spoken by elected officials, BULLSHIT.

Anonymous said...

Joe and George

I think you are both hitting the nail on the head - no matter what happens in Washington the social, political and economic elite in Queens are increasingly irrelevant emails cluttering our mailboxes with meaningless garbage that no one cares about or believes.

Don't even feel like talking about 'Honest Joe' Crowley getting a role on the national stage in what would be the closing chapters of a moribund Democratic Party.

The next step is for us to start to bash the fingers of the second string political wannabes that sustain this garbage, the aging civics, and to continue to hollow out and poke fun at the increasingly irrelevant weeklies.

TommyR said...

The best view in the City is just outside it - looking in. So that was LIC's fate from the start.

Anonymous said...

Hotels becoming shelters is a fact here in Queens. Im being surrounded by them in LIC in an isolated desolate area with no community resources yet the mayor and dhs is proposing a permanent shelter here hidden away as if ashamed. Sweeping garbage under the street. So sad. No more warehousing the vulnerable among warehouses.