Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The building beat goes on in Woodside

From Sunnyside Post:

Plans for a nine-story building in Woodside have been filed with the Department of Buildings.

The 75-unit corner building would rise to a height of 99 feet at 43-44 51st St., and span just under 60,000 square feet.

Floors two though nine would see a mixture of affordable and market-rate apartments spreading through 51,372 square feet, while the ground floor would hold 8,624 square feet of retail space.

The development also includes an indoor and outdoor recreation room for tenants, a fitness room, and enclosed parking for 31 cars.


Anonymous said...

31 parking spots for 75 units? Get ready for around 40-50 more cars in the neighborhood looking for street parking, taking into account the possibilities that some of the new residents won’t have a car and some will have more than one.

Anonymous said...

Its just a matter of time before North East Queens is obliterated with high rises.
Enjoy the neighborhood while you can :(

Anonymous said...

Zoning permits it.
Full speed ahead.
Before you choose your nabe to live in, better check the zoning first.
Just because your house is on a block featuring single family homes, doesn't mean it's not zoned for higher density!

Anonymous said...

The Chinese from Elmhurst inch ever closer to Sunnyside along the Queens Blvd corridor.

And Jimmy is term limited out (snicker) so you can say good bye to Sunnyside in the next decade.

georgetheatheist said...

Is it legal to deck-over Calvary cemetery in the Queens Boulevard area?. If you're going to be 6 feet under might as well make it 6000 feet under.

TommyR said...

most places in queens were zoned even decades back for a bit higher envelopes that what actually occupied the space. you can look up how zones changed via the acris tax maps. it's how planners built in room to grow. to believe otherwise based on what happened to be there previously is naive. but this generally describes going from two to four stories. 9 stories is too tall for the area's residential side streets; however, this is a block from the elevated 7. if you build it, they will come, lots that immediately close to transit rarely remain underdeveloped long.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're jealous of northeast Queens. Northeast Queens' R1-2A zoning DOES NOT permit high rise development. Then there are deed restricted nabes that have Rickert Finlay covenants....Westmorland Little Neck, Douglaston, Broadway north
Stop talking through your ass!
Do your research before you speak about the northeast.

Anonymous said...

Do your research before you speak about the northeast.

OH ZAMMM OUCH BAM POOM POW. stupid idiots.
Oh the cheinse from elmhursti inching over..

well for your fking stupid knowledge the dam chinese cannot put bring in more than 10k per year from china anymore.. Thus notice the 'slow down' and price drops in real estate in QUEENS?

Basically.. without the chinese you have NO real estate market.

Kat said...
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