Friday, April 27, 2018

Fudged homeless stats are focus of investigation

From the Daily News:

State officials have launched an investigation into whether Mayor de Blasio’s administration has been properly disclosing criminal activity in homeless shelters as required by law, the Daily News has learned.

The state Office of Temporary & Disability Assistance (OTDA) “has begun a formal investigation into New York City's conduct and demands that they immediately provide all information required under the regulations,” agency spokesman Tim Ruffinen said Wednesday.

The probe comes in response to The News’ revelation Wednesday that the city has been hiding from the public hundreds of arrests at shelters citywide.

The city Department of Homeless Services (DHS) must by law report a long list of incidents at shelters, including most arrests, to OTDA.

DHS claimed that in December 2016, the state had agreed to their decision to reclassify and reduce the number of categories of “critical incidents” they’re required to report.

But the state said Wednesday that is simply not true.


JQ LLC said...

Well of course the numbers of fudged! How else will the Gentrification Industrial Complex be able to sell Crown Heights and other poor neighborhoods as hip in/flux niche areas for fabricated overvalued market rate rentals for stupid hipshits to plop 2 to 3 grand a month for an apartment there if the area and the nearby shelters are considered safe to live by?

It is also seems that the recent tribulations involving NYPD insouciance and crime stat reinterpreting and degrading is a common practice and policy under the fauxgressive neoliberal de Faustio administration.

de Faustio, or Lurch as he's called on Twitter, is the most corrupt mayor in this city's history and the biggest bag of dead dicks and shit to resemble a person.

P.S. Gothamist is back on the web, let's see if they tackle this while under WNYC and their boardmember's watch who have ties to City Hall. Nope they are busy defending illegal motorized bicycle users and rating pizza.

Gary W said...

Don't worry, 386 million more bucks earmarked for the homeless in DeBlassholes new budget. That'll fix it.

Anonymous said...

This buffoon of a mayor is no different than emperor Trump. He hates questions from the media, always arrives late and constantly deflects and responsibility away from him and his staff. He is no progressive hero but a fucking ZERO !!

Anonymous said...

Where in the hell is city council - someone is funding his antics and if they do not look into how the are authorizing the spending of your money for his programs, they have two choices.

1. investigate
2. stay silent and be complicit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Transparency.