Wednesday, April 18, 2018

College Point hotel raises concerns

From the Times Ledger:

State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) joined concerned College Point residents who are unhappy with a proposed hotel Tuesday afternoon.

Avella and community members denounced the plans to construct a six-story hotel at 14-61 127th St., the former site of a single-story building. The rally comes weeks after Avella wrote three letters to the city Department of Buildings expressing concerns that the hotel, located in an M1-1 zoning district, would be totally inappropriate. In his letters he pointed out that the traffic situation in College Point is already bad due to the narrow streets and there is already over-development in the area.

He said he has yet to receive a sufficient response from DOB, but the agency did agree that turning a one-story building into a six-story hotel should not be considered an “alteration” as the developer originally claimed.

Residents at the rally said the hotel would be totally out of character with the surrounding neighborhood. Avella and community leaders have held multiple meetings with the owner of the property in hopes of coming to an agreement on a better use of the land without success. Avella said at one point the developer agreed to an alternative use for the location but quickly changed his mind and went back to his plans for a hotel at the site.

There are only 2 reasons you would put a hotel in College Point and neither of them are good ones.


Anonymous said...

this is a horrible location for anything. 127th street at that point is way too narrow. traffic conditions are horrendous, even more so since the rub and tug "Spa Castle" opened. plus that's on the route of the Q25 bus, which barely has enough room to maneuver and usually ends up having to drive on the sidewalk just to get by oncoming traffic.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tony....but will this stop them?
Flooshing and College Point was handed over by Donald Manes cronies for overdevelopment.

Unknown said...

What about the Marriott,is it still there?

Anonymous said...

College Point is not suitable for any type of large-scale developments. The streets are way too narrow.

Anonymous said...

Another Avella press conference?
Can we see some results?
Tony will be collecting TWO pensions from NYC and another from NYS.
Warm a seat until you do, Senator.

Anonymous said...

That alternate Democratic Party he joined isn't helping his position much. Yes....they finally laid it down.
WTF was it anyway....Democratic-Reoublican?
Drain that fucking Albany swamp!
And dump that fat aged dumpling Moby Stavisky.

Anonymous said...

Vallone is selling northeast queens to the highest bidder.

Anonymous said...

Hotels, because only 22% of Queens voted for mayor, and no one realaly lives here any more. Most of our labor commutes from Pennsylvania.