Friday, April 6, 2018

Someone is reusing surrendered license plates

From PIX11:

The DMV is supposed to destroy all license plates turned into its offices. A department official said the plates are sent to a recycler in upstate New York. But, the official admitted, there have been instances of surrendered plates turning up on other vehicles.

“Somebody is doing something illegal," Sandi said, speculating that someone, somewhere, must have the Durells' old plates.

Next, the Department of Finance sent the Durells a Notice of Impending Default, tacking on a $30 penalty and threatening to turn the case over to a collection agency.


Joe Moretti said...

It is shitty NYC, there is always something illegal going on and our elected officials and city agencies are at the top of the list.

Anonymous said...

I love recycling! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck thought that was a wonderful idea ??

Joe said...

I noticed that yesterday at DMV the plates were tossed into a bin through a slot.
DMV used to have shredders right below the printers and destroyed them on spot. Why farm this process out, What a bunch of idiots.

Rick D said...

Am I missing something here?

It seems to me that they sold the car and surrendered the plates, yes. But when a parking summons is issued, the traffic officer scans the registration, they don't write down the plate. The 'victims' never scraped off the registration sticker when the car was sold and that's why they're receiving the summonses.

Why is this not mentioned?

Anonymous said...

"officer scans the registration"

I think its because the scanner optics only read QR codes and barcodes and write the summonses accordingly. Designed so simple the fools the city hires can use them. I don't think they even have a keypad or a active void button once the scanner head reads a code.

Anonymous said...

> I don't think they even have a keypad or a active void button once the scanner head reads a code.

They don't have a void button because they don't want to lose revenue when a person comes back to the car with quarters for the meter or otherwise has a valid reason for the ticket to be voided.

Anonymous said...

Cut plates in half or quarters before surrendering them.