Friday, April 13, 2018

The night belongs to lovers but the day belongs to these people

"I've been living in Woodside since 1978 and this is the first street singer I've seen. And he is pretty darn good!" - SirBill55

How charming!

Watch behind the singer and you'll notice some not-so-kosher things going on. Cabs shouldn't be making U-turns in the middle of Roosevelt Ave and commercial establishment shouldn't be dumping their garbage next to public trash bins. It's funny to see the video end with the busker staring at a Hefty bag.

Thanks, Kent, for passing this along.


georgetheatheist said...

Again with the extremely annoying vertical imaging.

Folks, hold the recording device


Anonymous said...

I hope he has a permit for the amplifier. He's pretty good...

JQ LLC said...

Looks like a trojan horse for gentrification to add vibrancy to a street corner. As the youtuber mentions, there was never a busker in that area before. And that is a big ass shiny pot he is using to solicit change. It looks like it can cook 5 pounds of pasta in an italian restaurant.

I think he sounds terrible, maybe it's just the acoustics there with the traffic and elevated trains. Sure he's got pipes but he's singing the lyrics like he has a wad of a fluffer nutter sandwich in his mouth.

He looks like he works in real estate. Maybe he was in Virginia Joe's funk rock fusion band.

The biker is going the wrong way too.

Anonymous said...

A direct consequence of de-instutionalization

Tony Notaro said...

I bet you my bottom dollar Woodside was nicer in 1978 than it is today.

Anonymous said...

>I bet you my bottom dollar Woodside was nicer in 1978 than it is today.

Anyone got pictures from back then they could share?

Unknown said...

Woodside has always looked the same. And very lucky to have so much business moving on that side of 61 St street.

Nothing wrong or phony about the man, he could be a resident, or just looking to make some rent money. Probably a retired man making extra ends.

And that trash offender is frm Fay Day Bakery. Trash gets picked up from private trucks after closing.

Life as it is in Woodside!

Anonymous said...

Third world setting - the people walk by but could care less. Maybe he moved there to get funding from Queens Council on the Arts which funds, like the DCA, pretty much any ho-hum third world entertainment 'options.' But then, the issue is not entertainment as connecting a voter block with the machine.

The difference between Queens and the rest of the city is getting more marked each year.

Joe said...

"Woodside was nicer in 1978 than it is today"

I'm not so sure about that, not under that station anyway.
1978 I use to play in the house classic rock band at Finnegan's Rainbow Room across from Donovans. Was was a lot of people throwing up in the street, drunks, stripper bars, whores and even a private nude bar (Luckys Lounge)
Packing up at 1AM-2AM Finnegan had to have 2 bouncers with baseball bats because the bums would surround us trying to grab a pieces of equipment then demand to put it down or help load.-- Some tried to grab & run.
The situation was worse then what you had at CBGBs in the Manhattan bowery, because at CBGBs the bums were scared to death of all the punk rockers sporting mohawks, spikes, leather jackets and German boots

I do remember a good diner and broiled chicken place but in general those corners was just as f_cked up maybe worse then today

Zoƫ said...

This is great, the guy is not only good but he is doing a nice balance of family music songs that suit everybody.
The L is going down for a long time so I recently auditioned again for the Music Under New York program, the fee was $45 which includes locations and for the amplified device. All those lovely Polish people around Fresh Pond Road myself included (I'm 1/2 Polish) love music and usually tip in five & dollar bills.
Not a cushy job like all these wall Street thieves but Its honest legal work that helps supplement my health insurance and keep me off handouts.