Sunday, April 22, 2018

Community gardens coming to Woodside

From Sunnyside Post:

Woodside could see two community gardens soon, as the city is preparing to license out small plots of land in the area to a non-profit and community gardening program.

The two triangular lots in question are on opposite sides of one another by 41-38 69th St., parallel to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway below them and close to Woodside Avenue.

The sites are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation, which owns the BQE bridge structure the lots are on.

The lots would be converted to community gardens run by both the International Rescue Committee, a humanitarian aid organization, and GreenThumb, a NYC Parks program that supports community gardens around the city.


LibertyBoyNYC said...

Years ago there were gardens at those locations, the residents kept them up. Ridiculous that they were destroyed because of legal issues.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like those plots of land is in the middle of the BQE.

Zoƫ said...

Great sight for a homeless camp, put those winos and freeloaders from other states in tents under the BQE and out of the neighborhood.
This would make more hotel rooms available and reduce rates due to less demand. These speculating hotel owners have been getting real spoiled & making a killing with the city paying $250 a night to house the rest of the country's garbage in luxury.
Its primarily what is driving hotel rates, and AirBnB Mussolini Joe and others are always bitching about.

When you remove the free stuff, food and luxury from freeloaders & homeless they migrate elsewhere. A $240 a night hotel equates to a couple bucks spending money and airfare to California. They can fly out of LGA to LAX and be very happy living on the beach, getting stoned and dining at the many LA mission's in California with the Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

>Looks to me like those plots of land is in the middle of the BQE.

They're above them.

Which may mean it might be an issue eating veggies/herbs grown there, since exhaust probably gets all over them.