Thursday, April 19, 2018

Another de Blasio fundraiser busted

From the Daily News:

A Queens construction magnate who has pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into campaigns across the state made illegal straw donations to Mayor de Blasio and other candidates during the 2013 election to gain political favor, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Husam Ahmad, whose deep pockets have helped fill the war chests of de Blasio, Gov. Cuomo and dozens of other elected officials, was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court for making false statements about the contributions.

He was also charged for his role in a massive corruption and bribery scheme that involved paying off a mid-level city official for inside information on contracts.

Ahmad — who until two months ago served on the board of the de Blasio-controlled Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York — leaned on HAKS employees to make political contributions at fundraising luncheons at the company’s 40 Wall St. office, prosecutors said.

The soirees — where finger food and sandwich wraps were served — were held for De Blasio, Joe Lhota and Bill Thompson, all mayoral candidates in 2013.

A HAKS administrative assistant would keep tabs on the employees’ donations, then Ahmad would reimburse them with year-end bonuses, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Federal and state laws prohibit an individual from reimbursing a donor for their contributions.


Anonymous said...

Bless those Feds!
AND....careful who you vote for.
Not that we usually have much of a real choice in who would be the cleanest mayor of NYC.
They are ALL owned by "developers".

Anonymous said...

>They are ALL owned by "developers".

True, but we haven't had one as blatant or as hypocritical as our current one in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Stop it!

Preet the Savior CLEARED him!!!

This is a dead end. He has done nothing wrong. Let him be.

Anonymous said...

And, still the only one in jail is Anthony Weiner and Bernie Madoff. The rest of the City Hall and Albany Executive Chamber (of Horrors) crud are all coated in Teflon. Even John Gotti would blush!

Anonymous said...

I bet a million to one that nothing is going to happen to Dumbusio..again.

Anonymous said...

Dumblasio is a crooked POS, and his supporters are worthless

Anonymous said...

Ah come on you cranky Queens commies!

The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York is spearheaded by Chirlaine, black radical who burnt her lesbian membership card for the love of Wilhelm. What possibly could go wrong with wifey steering the ship?