Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Scrap metal thieves to face steep fines

From the NY Post:

The City Council is declaring war on people who steal recyclables and manhole covers.

Those who heist paper, large appliances and big metal items put out on the sidewalk for Sanitation trucks would be subject to $5,000 fines under a bill to be considered at a City Hall hearing today.

Those who rip off manhole covers — which can be sold for scrap metal — would be subject to $3,000 fines on top of the punishment they’d get under state criminal laws, under another bill.

The proposals follow exclusive reports in The Post about thefts of manhole covers, used appliances and other recyclable materials.

As prices for recyclables rebound from their recession lows, more and more thieves are lifting items left out for Sanitation trucks to pick up.

Legitimate recycling businesses and the city are losing millions to the trash thieves.

How about increasing penalties for businesses that buy them?


Anonymous said...

Increased penalties for buyers! HEAR HEAR! I second that idea....

Anonymous said...

(Sarcasm alert)

What? And penalize our "job creators"? That would make too much sense.

Anonymous said...

does anybody really believe that these fines will ever be paid ?

Anonymous said...

So the fine for "stealing" garbage is higher than if caught stealing a manhole cover which creates a danger????

Classic NYC government stupidity!

Anonymous said...

What about those can-weasels with "borrowed" shopping cart who steal cans from my trash to recycle? Please stop this sicko recycling policy! It spreads disease and is disgusting!