Monday, July 2, 2012

Building collapses in Brooklyn

From Eyewitness News:

Portions of a three-story brownstone building in Brooklyn collapsed early Monday, but police say all residents escaped without injury.

The collapse happened around 1:30 a.m. on Carroll Street in the Carroll Gardens section. Authorities say the side wall from the top floor to the foundation collapsed down in an area between the building and a school located next to it.

Only one person was inside the apartment building at the time, but residents in three other buildings nearby also had to be evacuated as inspectors checked the stability of their buildings. At least 27 residents were unable to re-enter their apartments.

Police say work had previously been done in the building, but no construction was going on in the area at the time. City building inspectors are investigating.

Officials have made the decision to completely demolish the 95-year-old building, but there are some concerns about the effect that would have on the neighboring buildings.


Anonymous said...

The 90+ year brick and mortar foundation was likely shifted or damaged by big new building construction on the adjacent property.
Next the mayor will be saying all these "old" pre-war building's are rotting an need to come down.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't doubt it. Go around the corner onto Smith Street and see what's happening there as well.

Anonymous said...

If they demolish this building I hope they fully brace the foundations of the adjacent buildings otherwise Carroll Gardens blocks will fall like dominoes.