Thursday, January 6, 2022

Rebuttal to Governor Kathy's ambitious interborough transit plan


(Larry Penner -- transportation advocate, historian and writer who previously worked for the Federal Transit Administration Region 2 New York Office. This included the development, review, approval and oversight for billions in capital projects and programs for NY MTA, NYC Transit, Long Island Rail Road, Metro North Rail Road  MTA Bus, NYC DOT Staten Island Ferry. Nassau County NICE Bus, Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) along with 30 other transit agencies in NY & NJ). 

It appears that her top five priorities are 

(1) $33 billion Gateway Tunnel

The full build $33 billion Gateway Tunnel project needs up to $16.5 billion from the Federal Transit Administration, along with $8.25 billion from NY and the same amount from NJ to support a future FTA New Starts Full Funding Agreement.  While there is funding in place for the $1.8 billion Portal Bridge, the balance of funding to pay for the reduced scope $12 billion ($6 billion NY/NJ/ & $6 billion federal) two new Hudson River tunnels and rehabilitation of existing tunnels remains outstanding. 
(2) $6.9 billion Second Avenue Subway Phase 2,

The 2nd Avenue Subway Phase 2 needs $6.9 billion.  This project is counting on a Federal Transit Administration Full Funding grant agreement for $3.4 billion coming from Washington.  The project completed NEPA in November 2020 with FTA issuing a formal environmental review finding. Receipt of the FTA FFGA in past years never took place.  Time is still needed for completion of design, engineering, business relocation, real estate acquisition and private property easement rights.  There is also the need for agreements with NYC and various owners of underground utilities including water, sewer, gas, electric, steam and cable before being ready to commence construction by 2023.  Successful completion for all of the above may need many one to two years 

(3) $8 billion Penn Station Transformation,

Last year, former NY Governor Cuomo announced a new Penn Station South Station at a cost of $8 billion.  It would consist of 4 new platforms and 8 tracks with connections to the existing Penn Station and NYC Transit Subway Stations.  A consultant has been hired to conduct a planning feasibility study. This was a part of his $16 billion NY Empire Station Complex proposal. NY Governor Hochul has her own $8 billion reduced scope proposal for similar Penn Station improvements 
(4) New mulit billion dollar Interboro Express Brooklyn to Queens Subway. Was her ghost speech writer aware that for decades this has been known as the TriBoro X Express? It includes service connecting the Bronx to Yankee Stadium.  The Triboro X Subway Express (new subway line connecting the Bronx, Queens & Brooklyn would require several billion.  The MTA initiated another new planning feasibility study last year. There is no public timetable for completion of the study. 

(5) $10 billion Cross Harbor Freight Tunnel The Port Authority Cross Harbor Freight Tunnel requires $10 billion.  This year the project will celebrate its 31st year anniversary of being stuck in the planning and environmental review phase. It is anticipated that FHWA may issue a NEPA finding later this year.  

These first two projects are up to two years away from being shovel ready for construction, The last three are up to a decade or more away from being shovel ready for construction.

You can learn a great deal concerning what transportation projects and issues Governor Hochul is not interested in by omission.

Her are the following projects she did not include her support today during her speech.

No support for the MTA initiation of Congestion Toll Pricing. This is needed to raise $15 of the $51 billion MTA 2020 - 2024 Five Year Capital Plan.

No update as to who her five appointees will be to the MTA Traffic Mobility Review Board. 

The new Port Authority 42nd Street Manhattan Bus Terminal needs $10 billion. This project is still in the planning and environmental review phase. Only $3.5 of the estimated $10 billion cost is actually approved within the current 2016 - 2026 Port Authority Capital Plan.  They are counting on future federal assistance to make up the shortfall.

The LIRR estimates that it would cost $18 million per mile to extend electrification into existing diesel territory.  Besides third rail, you also need a series of electrical sub stations for each branch.  This might also involve land acquisition, business and utility relocation costs.  There is also the costs for new high level platforms and additional parking at stations.

The $3.6 billion LIRR electrification of Port Jefferson branch from Huntington to Port Jefferson originally discussed in the 1980's is still in the planning phase.

The $2.2 billion Light Rail between Jamaica and Long Island City on the old Lower Montauk LIRR branch in Queens, has yet to advance beyond a final planning study which was completed three years ago.
The $8 billion plus for restoration of LIRR service on the old Rockaway Queens branch has yet to advance beyond a final planning study released in 2019.

The $2.7 billion plus for the NYC Department of Economic Development Brooklyn-Queens Waterfront Street Car Connector is undergoing an environmental review.  The project is counting on an FTA $1 billion or more Full Funding Grant Agreement to be matched by local sources.  The MTA has not offered to sponsor a grant application, perform design and engineering, construct, maintain or operate this new transportation system.  Neither NYC DOT or NYC EDC have any experience in managing advancement of or actually running a street car system.
The study for the Utica Avenue Brooklyn NYC Transit subway extension was included in MTA 2015  - 2019 $32 billion Five Year Capital Plan finally began in 2020.  Construction costs could be $5 billion.

There is no current activity for the $800 million new NYC Transit #7 subway station at 10th Avenue & 41st.  This was deleted from original $2.4 billion Hudson Yard#7 subway extension to save $500 million. 

The Red Hook Brooklyn subway extension from NYC Transit  #1 subway line from the Rector Street downtown Manhattan station to Red Hook was proposed four years ago as a planning suggestion.  There is no current activity to advance this project at a cost of $3.5 billion.

The NYC Transit Staten Island North Shore Bus Rapid Transit $600 million project is in the planning and environmental review process.  There is no funding programmed within the current $51 billion MTA 2020 - 2024 Five Year Capital Plan to support advancement of this project.  Future $590 million in funding may be required for final design and engineering, land acquisition, business relocation, and actual construction.

The Staten Island West Shore Bus Rapid Transit planning study is under way. Future funding of $1.485 billion may be required for preliminary and final design and engineering, land acquisition, business relocation, construction, purchase of vehicles along with a maintenance and storage facility.

The $1.1 billion Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority Light Rail Extension to Amherst. The project is currently in the environmental review stage.


NPC_translator said...

It's all pretty funny. How Hudson Yards and the 2nd Ave subway EVER got done is a miracle, along with the new vapid but shiny Penn Station. Well, lots of people grifting along the way, so everyone's happy. At least Herr Hochul isn't keen on electrifying the diesel parts of the LIRR -- talk about utterly pointless.

The best part of her speech though was that she wore "suffragette white." Because c'mon folks, it's REALLY time we allowed women to vote in New York State!

Hochul is a real dummy.

Anonymous said...

The late Senator Everett Dirksen once said, "A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money."
How prescient.

Anonymous said...

I think what this idiot should really focus on is putting up a fucking bridge between long Island and new England states. Why does any truck have to drive through 2 boroughs just to deliver their goods? It makes NO SENSE. Do you know how much traffic time that COULD SAVE?? If you CLAIM you want to be "environmentally friendly" then stop making HUGE TRACTOR TRAILERS get stuck in loads of traffic on the LIE. Why should anybody have to go through TWO BOROUGHS just to get out of long Island and parts of queens??

Disgruntled Citizen said...

You can scratch the Jamaica to LIC Light Rail fairy tale. I’d rather not get stabbed or shot by the fast tracked coming in from Jamaica. What is the point of that?

Anonymous said...

And she gave this great speech right in the eve of Traitorous Trumpanzee day too.
Way to go Gov.

Joe said...

All talk and bullshit. These assholes do not have the brains to do it.
Like the New York State Pavilion the city is just going to blow $$ millions on study's with nothing to show for it aside some dinner meeting receipts. Maybe some trips to Italy to "study" trains.
The Rockaway branch especially, does this Miss Kathy really think 100s, maybe 1000s of homeowners are gonna have rail, pedestrian and bike paths from shit Rockaway in there bedrooms and backyards without a hellova fight.
Construction equipment will need access to many those property's, destroy swimming pools, landscape and gardens, in some cases use of imminent domain. Forest Hills, Howard Beach, Glendale Haaa !! Many are Italians and Jews with big $$$ so you can bet that battle wont be easy and likely last 15-20 years.
This hillbilly Erie County deputy clerk, deputy governor is clueless with NYCs actual needs and its people.

Revocation of bail reform and reinstatement qualified immunity for police officers should be her #1 priority right now.
This city is currently a combination of "Planet Of The Apes" and a lousy Kurt Russell movie.
Put the criminals back in jail and give them cyanide pills if they "don't like jail' pink sox, slippers and bologna sandwiches.


Chester the Dog said...


Anonymous said...

The Queens Crap Commie Troll smokes bath salts. Prove he doesn't.

Disgruntled Citizen said...

Back to the Jamaica to LIC Light Rail. Who needs it and why? Is something going on in Jamaica that needs to get to LIC? I know they are doing a lot of building what looks like luxury condos in Jamaica. Shocking. Who's going to put up with the neighborhood? The courts and the Social Security building is in Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

@Joe “ Revocation of bail reform and reinstatement qualified immunity for police officers should be her #1 priority right now.

Looks like you want a totalitarian state.

Joe said...

Quote by stupid Woke: "Looks like you want a totalitarian state"

Jeez the Woke shitheads sure love this blog, they are still working overtime.
No stupid, Revocation of bail reform and reinstatement qualified immunity for police officers would put these police & court issues back to the way they been for the past 100 years or more. Why would this suddenly be "totalitarian" now ?
Is it just because you wheatgrass juice suckers, criminals, libs and progressives don't like it?

Hey, In that case your with the criminals and FU too !!
These loony bin reforms were a huge mistake and need to be rescinded

Example: Kill somebody driving DWI for the 5t time, Mug some old lady with a switchblade, rob a bodega. You should go to jail and stay detained in jail.
If you cant afford $50,000 - $1 million bail getting pinched on felony, assault, attempted murder and don't like detainment, jail, judges and jury's don't commit crime.
You and these mother_ckers are walking out of central booking and arraignment A faster then the victims and cops are getting out the hospital.


Anonymous said...

I guess crazy Joe never heard of innocent until proven guilty. Nor did he ever hear any tales of corrupt, crooked cops, or the blue wall of silence. Just because a cop or the media says you're guilty, doesn't mean you are. Of course, the "Fake Freedom" loving fakriots like crazy Joe, hate freedoms when it's not for themselves.
Freedom is a lot more than driving a dumbass giant sized pickup truck and running around waving a flag that's as big as your over inflated ego. Even the Chinese and Russians can do that.

@joe's idea of freedom is cops who are above the law and laws that serve only those who can afford a real lawyer.

Typical Trumpanzee Totalitarian.

Anonymous said...

@Looks like you want a totalitarian state.

Says the career criminal. You are so stupid it must hurt.

Zoë said...

Joe drives a dumb giant sized pickup truck with a flag?
Nope, You got that so wrong also dude. No redneck pickup trucks with flag here
You would likely kill yourself to know what intelligent hard working people own.

I hear you have a problem's with George Atheist, the blog owner, others and myself also.
In that case cry me a river and go drown yourself in it.
I've stepped in puppy puddles deeper than you.


Ned said...

Is something going on in Jamaica that needs to get to LIC?

Yes, drug delivery's.
Also turn LIC into crime infested shithole by giving the savages in Jamaica an easy cheap, quick access and getaway to points west where the $$$ earning working class are.
How else are these urban war zone people to get money when they already stole, pilfered and pilliaged everything possible from each other. All those in Glendale, Maspeth and LIC will instantly need guns, Kevlar vests and bars on all the windows if this happens.
Robert Moses knew this and certain people don't like it.
The new Governor and DOT is pulling like shit on the Meadowbrook and Wantagh parkways to lowering the old arch overpasses so busses of poor impoverished underprivileged from the city have easy, in most cases free SNAP card, NYCHA member access the nice beaches, neighborhoods and things.
This forced at gunpoint "stir the pot" scheme will be a big boon for the drug dealers selling coke to those rich Long Island consumers. Turn Massapequa, Lido Beach into shitholes in no time. Garmine Galante would be proud like he turned Bushwick into a mass toilet wile filling his pockets between 1969 and 1975.
(See Biography or that mobsters show on FIOS)

This new communist progressive regime is wasting no time in doing everything possible to force people to share nice things, this include sharing of crime, diversity's so called "magic" and misery) using Bidons Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act as the weapon.
Cuomo as bad as he was would never do this.
Absolutely nothing good for the people and their children's financial future that will be paying for it the next 50+ years.
It seems the democrats think this is "the fix" for the citys problem people.
Like Fidel Castro did to save bullets, police by simply opening Cuba and all his jails to ship Tony Montana and all his shit out. --ADIOS!!
Communists seem to copy each other
I suppose they will do away with paying landlords rents, legalize cocaine, heroine and other drugs to help the inner city trash out next.
People got to wake up and vote Republican to jam the gears in the mid term elections or the whole state is finished for good.

Total jackasses, worse then the Scandanavian socialists in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Well, just like thunder follows lightning, or dust follows the broom, angry Zoe follows Crazy Joe.
You two have a problem with life and world around you.