Thursday, January 13, 2022

Governor Kathy's Garden Party on the Hudson is a load of crap. 

Buffalo Chronicle

Governor Kathy Hochul is preparing to relocate Madison Square Garden to a permanent new home on the site of Dewitt Clinton Park, a 5.8 acre city park in a trendy section of Manhattan, overlooking the Hudson River between 52nd and 54th Streets.  The relocation of the nearly 20,000-seat multi-use arena event center is intended to accelerate Hochul’s sweeping improvement plan for Penn Station, which sits under the 60s-era venue that critics have always lamented as congested and misplaced.

The Governor believes that the new arena’s construction could be completed in as little as three years, and she wants to hire a ‘star architect’ with deep ties to New York to begin designing the facility as soon as possible.  Hochul envisions that the arena will ‘sit on-top’ of glassy television studios at street level, which she hopes that businessman James Dolan will populate with nationally-broadcasted sports and entertainment programming on MSG’s television network.

Many of the studio spaces will include in-studio audiences and others will overlook the Hudson River.  Hochul believes that national programing will help improve the city’s image, believing that New York City’s waterfront has gone under-appreciated in the national consciousness.

“The new arena is expected to be a super-modern, super-comfortable venue in a corner of Manhattan that is very centrally located but doesn’t feel as hyper-congested and gritty as the 33rd Street location,” an official with Empire State Development explains.  “The new arena’s construction cost is expected to cost New York State taxpayers $800 million, which is the estimated fair market cost of using eminent domain to acquire MSG’s interests in the property.”

Dolan, the longtime CEO of MSG, prefers to collaborate with the Hochul administration, and is likely to ink a public-private partnership deal in order to avoid a costly drawn-out litigation with the State.

Hochul is willing to use eminent domain to acquire the park from the City, but believes she will have the endorsement of Mayor Eric Adams — who shares her goal of expediting transit and public space improvements at Penn Station.  While Adams is concerned about the loss of public space in the neighborhood, Hochul plans to replace the 5.8 acres of public space by acquiring and redeveloping additional piers as park space along the Hudson River in the immediate vicinity of the facility.

The facility will accommodate boxing, mixed martial arts, the National Hockey League, the National Basketball Association, and national concert tours.

The old Madison Square Garden will be demolished and it’s 250,000-square-foot site between 33rd 31st Streets will be repurposed as a large public square that will sit above Penn Station’s loading platforms and in front of a glassy new entrance atrium that was announced by the Governor last month.


Anonymous said...

So now you have to be forced to take the subway if you take the LIRR into Manhattan. Thats just....not good.

Anonymous said...

Not a dime of Tax money should go to this project !

Anonymous said...

Is this part of the "New Green" Deal ?

Anonymous said...

Why not fill in the East River and build on top ?

Anonymous said...

Try Fact-Checking this it's RIDICULOUS !

NPC_translator said...

I can't bring myself to care about this.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a very bad idea.
NY is broke and when the 2022 Red Wave sweeps the Congress the Money printing will end.
Then there will be a headline "Drop Dead NY " !

Behind the Headline: 'Ford to City: Drop Dead' 1975

Anonymous said...

Oh well there goes the LI, and NJ contingent. Could you pick a more out of the way location? I can't see Dolan going for this. Didn't they renovate that place a few years ago?

Anonymous said...

Inflation has hit a 40-year high, store shelves are empty, COVID numbers are at record levels with tests in scarce supply, violent crime is surging in blue cities and millions of illegal immigrants are still pouring over the southern border. Good Job Sheeple keep voting Blue no matter who...

Anonymous said...

I know you right wing Karens hate to admit it, but she's doing a great job. If TrumpTurd promised the same, you'd be swooning like pre-teens.
Maybe if she promised that the Mexicans would pay for it, then you'd jump on board like the gullible morons you are.

Unknown said...

Exceptionally stupid.

MSG is possibly the only sports arena in the US where almost all the attendees arrive by public transportation, and they want to move it to a location next to the West Side Highway and 1/2 mile from the nearest subway?

Joe said...

"star architect’ my ass, that will mean more odd shaped computer designed glass shit from Europe, worse WHY MUST TAXPAYERS finance an new billion $$$ or so arena that's owned by the Dolan-Opt online-Cablevision mob?

Nothing is wrong with the garden, its built like a German shithouse. You can hang a battleship from the ceiling rafters, and winches. Great wide high ceiling circular perimeter ramp for semi trucks, tour busses to get in and out. Even today the garden is perhaps the best well designed venue in the country and cant be beat. Truck to stage 20 feet single carry. I know, I was both a FOH sound engineer and backline tech for several headliners.
Setups are misery in these new arenas and you need twice as many expensive IA hands, loaders and technical people to load in, assemble, break down and take out do the same gig. -And they demand al sorts of breaks and 6PM dinner curfew where all work must come to a complete stop 1-1/2 hours. You cant even tune a friggan guitar or move an amplifier.
Great for the NYC local IAs, bad BAD BAD for the person buying a ticket.

I don't see anything wrong with the LIRR corroder aside too many vagrants and drunken slobs fighting after these sporting events.
That's not an architecture problem.
Riders of the LIRR I know just want grab a pretzel and a beer and get home. That's what I always did. Riders don't give a shit a out a low ceiling is to low, they just want to get home, without being stabbed, shot, spit on or harassed by rats via an on time working train. (again not an architecture problem)
I saw a rat licking & rolling a beer can in Penn station, another running with partial pizza slice

Why is it only politicians complaine about Penn Station architecture ?
Why is it the news people and limo riding politicians never ask the passengers that actually use Penn station what they want?
This all sounds completely mobbed up every which way possible like the Javas center ordeal.
-- To add all those LIRR tracks were just re-done--Now re-do all that all over again just because the Dolans need to sell more $125+ seats, $20 million rafter corporate suits so assholes can watch overpaid felons throw balls through hoops?
People need to hammer Governor Kathys office and s'plane this upstate country hick the real issues and real needs.


Anonymous said...

@"right wing Karens" "TrumpTurd"
Where are your facts troll ?
There are a variety of ways to deal with cyberhate, including: responding directly to the person (You) or reporting it, I will be a ally to a any person being targeted by you.
Stop spreading Leftoid cyberhate, Stop the name calling !
The Hatred expressed by the means of your computer is getting old. #LoveWins

NPC_translator said...

Amazing comment Joe! Says it all.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Crazy Joe hasn't been to the Garden since the 70's. Mott the Hoople were probably headlining back when he was pushing flight cases up a ramp.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the previous posts by "Joe" and "Unknown"
You make a lot of sense and I agree with you!

georgetheatheist said...

@-Joe. "A German shithouse"? Discuss.

Anonymous said...

@"Where are your facts troll ?"

Where are your facts TrumpTurd troll ?

Anonymous said...

@"Where are your facts TrumpTurd troll ?"
I want to be paid to be a troll. I am a great troll. I am worth every penny.
Prove Me Wrong...

Anonymous said...

QC Commie Troll is just one of many self-appointed practitioners of hate here trying to think his hatred is power itself. Why the Left Is Consumed With Hate, Fake moral superiority !
All Leftoids are just hateful and post anti-Americanism that has become a self-congratulatory lifestyle.