Friday, December 4, 2020

Oh, Cluster Tree


Anonymous said...

Orwell, Kafka and Poe working together could not have dreamed up a more depressingly insane situation.

Anonymous said...

The GLOBALIST ROCKEFELLER-s allow Doobie Blasio to do this to their X-mas tree on their property?

Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Open up the Christmas Tree for all to see, open up the city, open up the state. Enough with this virus lockdown bullshit. This is all a ploy to take away our freedoms and turn us into a socialist state.

I refuse to play into this nonsense anymore. No more mask, no more social distancing. Let's start taking our rights back as Americans!

Anonymous said...

So we can't even look at an outdoor Christmas tree because that will spread the virus, but black lies matter shouting, rioting, and looting the city doesn't spread the virus?

Anonymous said...

In a healthier society, pitchforks would be brought into use over something like this.

BoredWithFascists said...

As I have said many times before. Time to fire all these useless wasters of taxpayer money, from the commissioner right down to the officer on the iPhone.

Anonymous said...

@BoredWithFascists said..."Useless wasters of taxpayer money"
You should go back to your schools and ask for the teachers you had to be fired.
Astonishing, the fact that Marxist supporters can't see the double standards.
A society where all are "equal" will never work you fool.

Anonymous said...


These are fascist?

You two bit CCP bought commie moron.

Anonymous said...


Read and weep you fool tool

“The ultimate con that has been played on the world has been the illusion of a political system; of political parties and a democracy. In fact, the world is ruled by a criminal apparatus disguised as a political system. This apparatus serves no purpose except the continuation of itself. It exists to protect and expand a vast racketeering operation that has enjoyed control and power for generations.

Permanent criminal state, endless revolving door.”

Now - HW Bush, GW Bush, Clinton, Obama.
Don't forget the very public execution of JFK.

You sorry product of the public indoctrination system.

You have no clue what words mean, but go ahead and keep making a fool of yourself.
Is really good entertainment - you cannot fix stupid.

Anonymous said...

This is the"let them eat cake" phase of the plan. Let the public see the rich flunt their disdain for them.

Anonymous said...

Bored Communist Pig, are these your buddies?

Anonymous said...


Last scumbag had an operating room on his estate, so he can have heart transplants and blood transfusions without going to a hospital.

Sick demented globalist scum!