Monday, December 14, 2020

Jamaica Avenue's million dollar pit of despair and graffiti


 On the day after the six-alarm fire that destroyed the homes above storefronts in Richmond Hill and taking pics of the charred windows on the buildings, strolling about 8 blocks east by Lefferts Blvd. there exists this unsightly gated wall protruding on the sidewalk next to a barber shop and a ministry. I call it a gated wall because it’s secured with a lock and chain.

 Unfortunately the wall itself wasn’t as resilient. As evident by this unsightly and hazardous profusion. Which is easily accessible to passerby, especially children.


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Anonymous said...

This is another of those "forgotten" DOB sites that has hazardous violations that have been ignored by the DOB. Class 1 Immediately Hazardous situation and nothing is done. Which Community Board is this? Answer: Community Board 9 Queens

The City collection agencies fall down on their task, too.