Saturday, December 19, 2020

City Council law turns streets into commercial performance venues


Greenpoint Post

The City Council passed a bill last week that will allow performers to host ticketed events on city streets.

The bill — sponsored by Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer — will establish an “Open Culture” program, modeled after the city’s “Open Restaurants” outdoor dining program.

The program aims to help artists who have struggled to find work since March — when theaters, playhouses and other performance venues were closed due to COVID-19.

Under the “Open Culture” program, eligible artists will be able to perform ticketed concerts, plays, comedy and other events on city streets and at various public spaces, beginning on March 1, 2021.

The Department of Transportation is required to come up with a list of open streets and spaces where eligible artists will be permitted to perform by Feb 1.

The program will be open to artists and groups that have received funding from the city’s Department of Consumer Affairs, or funding from one of the five borough-based arts councils in the past two years. Artists who are not part of these groups can partner with an organization that meets the eligibility requirement.

The legislation passed the Council unanimously last Thursday and is expected to be signed into law by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“After an unanimous vote in the Council the new Open Culture program will bring song, dance, comedy, & performances to our streets – starting March 1st,” Van Bramer tweeted. “A big win for our artists and cultural venues, bringing joy & jobs to thousands!”

Artists who perform on streets will be able to charge patrons for tickets to watch their acts.

 Will these patrons include the curious passerby?




Anonymous said...

More government-sanctioned harassment like the women-kicking Micky Mouses in Times Square that get mad when they don't get a tip. Get ready for the art community to defend verbal and maybe physical violence on those who peek in on a "show" without paying.

Zoë said...

Huh, I went through the complex legal process, auditioned to earn my Music Under New York permits 3 years ago.
MTA MUSIC PRESENTS at Seneca and Fresh stations for tips and dealing with Polish perverts stuffing dollar down my shirt.
So let me get this straight. I'm locked out because I'm no fucking welfare case, shitty useless artist that has to beg for municipal funding?
Give the bums electricity & commercial permits to charge $$$$ as I work hours, hump a guitar & heavy battery equipment for gratuity only compensation?
WTF this is outrageous!!


Anonymous said...


The biggest clown show and circus is at City Hall and Albany.
Paid for by taxpayers.

georgetheatheist said...

The circus of the rubric panem et circensis.

The Protective Patrimony of Polish Perverts (The PPPP ) said...

@Zoe: might not those "handy" creeps have been Czech?

Anonymous said...

Why not?

After all party time in Wuhan!

Time to do it here also

Anonymous said...

Moe said...
"Unanimous vote in the Council"
Get ready for more votes like this one only worse !
You have one party rule in NYC/NYS and they fucking own you sheeple !

Anonymous said...

"must be a member of the five borough-based arts councils for at least 2 years"

Unlike the MTA program that NYC Arts Council is run by ultra liberals, activists and gays. Many (the better artists that must pass auditions )wont be a member because they want no part of the nepotism and bullshit they promote in the name of art & music. Pay admission to a BLM or ANIFTA hip-hop rally in the name of art and multiculturalism ? I don't think so let alone in Juniper Valley or Forest park.
Under this shit Jimmy Van Bramer drew up Quote: "Artists who are not part of these groups can partner with an organization that meets the eligibility requirements"

Translation= Communist and Radical groups like BLM, ANIFTA, LA-RAZA, Socialist Party of America wont need their own permits to come into neighborhoods where they are not wanted to spew shit, property damage & terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Moe said...
Insulting Horrible Covid Relief Bill !!!
$2 Billion to Asia and Africa. $25 million to Pakistan for "Gender Education."
Sudan gets $700 million.
You get $600 ! American politics is like paying two crackheads to fight each other.

Anonymous said...

It follows the "Rules for Radicals" that the Dems covet. "Never let a crisis go to waste".