Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Eviction hotline ad found on Rockaway Rail Line

Impunity City 



Anonymous said...

The worst offenders for posting illegal advertisements are the stupid cash for cars signs plastered all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Oct 10, Trump proposed a 2 trillion dollars stimulus package and the democrats rejected it.
The homeless people in Nancy's district should breach her wall and take over her home. She needs a HUGE taste of reality!

Pelosi nine months ago: $1200 is crumbs.
Pelosi Yesterday: $600 is significant.

Anonymous said...

"Let them eat Ice cream...or at least a breadcrumb"
Nancy P. Antoinette

Anonymous said...

THE EXODUS IS HERE: Your Christmas Present: Our Political Leaders Are Killing Off New York City.

"Up in the state legislature, the Democrats have just increased their majority in the state Senate. All the buzz is about a new “millionaire’s tax” of several additional percent for those with annual income exceeding $1 million. And in New York City, Mayor de Blasio on December 18 held a news conference where he blurted out these words:

“I’d like to say very bluntly our mission is to redistribute wealth,” the mayor said. “A lot of people bristle at that phrase. That is, in fact, the phrase we need to use.”

The purpose of the “redistribution of wealth” is supposedly to fix the City’s schools. Those schools currently spend about $28,000 per year per student on K-12 education, which is well more than double the national average. As usual, de Blasio takes no responsibility for the failure of New York City schools to achieve even near-average results for almost triple the cost elsewhere in the country, and just demands more and more and yet more money.

They are doing their very best to kill off our city."

$28,000/year per student?

No wonder even Goldman Sachs is leaving this crap city!

BoredWithFascists said...

Don't worry, old pumpkin head is going to give you all 2000 each from his 2 Trillion stimulus, which he will take from his own personal fortune. Rubles that is, compliments of his paymaster.
Don't fret, none of you will be affected by any new wealth tax. As they always say, there's two types of Trumpanzee, very rich ones and very dumb ones. None of you fall into the first category.

lipper LLC said...

anonymous cows.

Rob in Manhattan said...

Landlords are among the true parasites of a society.

Most build nothing.

They produce nothing.

They obtain a building via other people's money (mortgage) and spend their time scheming ways to evade laws, rules and taxes while draining the resources of the residents.

The only value was get from these leeches are the taxes and fines we can extract.

If you are a private resident, you at least have "some" protections.

If you are a businessman, you get to deal with this scum full-on.

Rob in Manhattan

Anonymous said...

@ BoredWithFascists

What happened boy?

Day off from the mental hospital?

Anonymous said...

Rob in Manhattan

You got this wrong.

Banks produce nothing - mortgages.

Taxes and fines - corrupt politicians.

Hope you don't beat the mailman when he brings your bills.

Any issues with the laws - take it up with CCP controlled Congress and Senate.

Anonymous said...

BoredWithFascists = CCP Beijing paid Antifa scum.

Cobra Kai Forever said...

Landlords have bills to pay too!

Anonymous said...

@Rob Our Nation is under siege, from our own government.
It's there to see if you care to look.