Wednesday, December 23, 2020

And now it's time for the airing of grievances

Happy Festivus, everyone.

As a gift from me to you, here's a downloadable and printable sign for your home or business.

Socially distanced protesting is where it's at!

Cuomo the Tyrant by queenscrapper on Scribd


BoredWithFascists said...

Yep, a real DINO.
Anyway, speaking of fascists, you need to add Trumpanzees to the list. They don't call it the Trumpanzee Crap Blog for for nothing!

Anonymous said...

Can we have one with Diblazio's face on it too?

BoredWithDoofuses said...

You now out 1400 bucks?

Anonymous said...

I get so sick of hearing New Yorker's complain about their liberal, crooked politicians. Why do you keep electing them. You all went Biden during the presidential elections.

Pinky said...

This is perfect! Don't forget Warren Wilhelm Jr!

Anonymous said...

BoredWithFascists = CCP PIG.

Anonymous said...

Im convinced, the people in control think we were fucking born yesterday !

Anonymous said...

@Bored Putin trains his agents in election meddling by sending them to train with the DNC.

Anonymous said...

Right & Left need to unite to get these gangstas out of office !

Anonymous said...

Duce! Duce! Duce!

In the end Italians got tired of Mussolini and gave him what he deserved. May Benito Cuomo one day get what he deserves as well when the sheeple finally tire of THEIR Duce.

Anonymous said...

Now it turns out the crazy used a cinder block.


Anonymous said...


You still here soy boy?

Anonymous said...

C'mon Man. Time to get back to Brunch. Lighten up, Man

Anonymous said...

From YouTube Reader...
"This OMNIBUS “PELOSI” Stimulus Bill (900 Billion) is a Slap in the Face to Every American Citizen!! Billions in Waste... This is NOT a Totally Inclusive List… Just a few I gleaned from the Bill! This “PORK” and payments to “Foreign Governments” is INSANITY! Are you Feeling Stimulated Yet?
Domestic Funding
01. Kennedy Center 26.4 Million!
02. Smithsonian 1 Billion!
03. National Art Gallery 154 Million!
04. National Art & Humanities 167 Million!
05. W. Wilson Center 14 Million!
06. Rural Electrification Act of 1936 Total – 531 Million!
a. Is this a utility company bail out or is the government so incompetent that they are still working on the rural grid? Develop pilot programs for rural communities to further develop renewable energy!
08. Office of the General Counsel Total – 45.39 Million! (Someone has to cover-up the Lies)
09. Office of Ethics (LMAO… this has to be a JOKE. There is NO ETHICS in our Government.) Total – 4.184 Million!
10. Economic Research Service Total – 85.476 Million!

Foreign Countries
01. Egypt 1.3 Billion!
a. 15 Million of the 1.3 Billion - Scholarships for Egyptian Students (WTF... this will piss off any sane taxpayer with children and the Left)
02. Sudan 700 Million!
03. Ukraine 453 Million!
04. Israel 500 Million!
05. Nepal 130 Million!
06. Burma 135 Million!
07. Vietnam 169 Million! This one Really PISSES me OFF! Has this Shit been going on for 40 Years?
a. 14.5 Million for Health and Disability Programs! (Really… Health Care for the VC and Commies not US Citizens!)
b. 19 Million for remediation of dioxin contamination (Vietnam WAR!)
c. 2.5 Million for War Reconciliation (What did the 58k Dead US Troops Get… DEAD)
08. Cambodia 85.5 Million!
09. Colombia 461 Million!
10. Pakistan 25 Million!
a. 15 Million for Democracy Programs. (WTF... another attempt by Pelosi at Humor!)
b. 10 Million for Gender Programs. (Send me the money... there is 2 F'ing Genders! 212.2 Million Pakistanis have figured it out)
11. Asia RIA 1.4 Billion!
12. Latin America & the Caribbean Total – 506 Million.
a. Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, & Panama!

American Tax Payers (158 Million) Total - 94.8 Billion!
Citizens 600 US Dollars each!

I did not see anything in the Bill that gives the US Citizens Privacy, Freedom, & Liberty!
Nothing about Ending the Police State or the 2 Tiered Injustice System!
Nothing about Upholding the US Constitution and Bill of Rights or Mandatory Minimums when the Government Violates these Rights!
Nothing about your health care… except to bail out hospitals"

Anonymous said...

Pakistani Gender Studies is a perfect foreshadowing of where the Democrats priorities will be under Joe Biden

Anonymous said...

Fuck them,don't pay your taxs,lol
Personally I'm returning the 600 check stamped insufficient funds.

Anonymous said...

Duce I'll supply the car bumper.