Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Crappy anniversary



georgetheatheist said...

"Ever upward" - Governor Andrew Cuomo

Anonymous said...

Happy Crappy Anniversary

Anonymous said...

Moe said...
Happy Anniversary Crappy !

Zoë said...

Happy Anniversary !
I saw a woman with an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tax the rich jacket today and it appears she boosted from some of your graphics for her clothing line.
Many say when one gets exploited or plagiarized its a sign of success so happy crappy birthday anniversary indeed!!

Anonymous said...

The Perra Local Clothing line.
"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tax the rich"
It's adorable, not !

JQ LLC said...


Thanks, but that painting is featured on George the Atheist's blog and at times when he comments on here in an avatar.

It clear and saddening that fame has gone to her head that she's selling rock concert mersh now.

Or maybe she's setting up to primary Schumer?