Saturday, November 19, 2016

East Harlem tells City Planning to shove their rezoning plan

From DNA Info:

Community activists shut down an East Harlem rezoning forum on Thursday in protest of an effort to dramatically redraw the neighborhood.

Residents packed the gymnasium at Taino Towers but, before speakers from the city Department of Planning could present their plan, protesters took to the floor with a bullhorn to oppose the rezoning.

Residents from Community Voices Heard demanded that the city first put $200 million towards repairs for existing New York City Housing Authority properties and lower levels of affordability for new developments.

"We're demanding that 30 percent of the new units built on public land are for low-income residents," said one woman from the organization. "And by low-income, we mean $23,000 and less."

The city laid out a rough rezoning proposal, which in some areas would include buildings as tall as 35 stories and development on NYCHA land.


Anonymous said...

East Harlem is affiliated with a crackerjack group on the East Side called Civitas. To improve preservation efforts in Queens it is absolutely essential that you much reach out beyond the local politicians to have groups like that speak to your community.

They local talent, in office, political wanna-bes waiting for the 'nod', and groups both funded and goaded on by the politicians and get all the press, are bought and owned by the developers, and from what we see, Honest Joe Crowley picks loyal drones, not people with much brains.

Invite people from successful Manhattan groups, Landmarks West, Civitas, GVHS, etc to come out to your civic and talk about the possible.

Of course, with the reputation of the borough, and the ease that nitwits can be flattered by 'tha bhoys' to run interference with any community's efforts to pull themselves up, you might have a bit of struggle to convince them its worth their time to talk to you.

The idea is there. Now the effort to make it happen is up to you.

The only thing you can lose is your community's downward trajectory.

JQ LLC said...

Black livelihoods and neighborhoods matter. ALL livelihoods and neighborhoods matter. From east harlem to maspeth, from ENY to Rockaway, where zoning abuses and blockbusting are taking place respectively.

Something needs to be done about the AMI fabrication rates too.

Everyone is on to you Blaz, and you too Melissa the bigot. REBNY, the jig is up, don't get too cocky now that one of your own will be ruin/running the nation

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter.
NYC has bee riding roughshod over Harlem for years.
The big apple. Is running out of developable real estate.
We have got to provide for the yuppies with new "luxury" digs.
To hell with the lower classes. Welcome to wealthy NYC.
Dump the "troublesome " minorities in West Virginia.
Our land is far to valuable for those kind of "low" folk to,occupy.

Anonymous said...

"Doesn't Matter":

Getting flat again. Go back to Boro Hall for new instructions.

The old dog just doesn't hunt any more.

Anonymous said...

sell off NYCHA and privatize it. They're gotten too used to the guaranteed housing.

baverso said...

Get informed on the issues guys. I read comments above supporting the deportation of unauthorized immigrant families because their kids crowd schools. Come on! That's not a NY a value. I thought we were bigger than this.

75,000 seats are needed in schools. But there are 156,000 unused in underutilized schools. This is a failure of gov't to not act faster, to move forward efficiently, and plan ahead for the issue. We citizens have failed to prioritize this over the course of decades as well. My school seat figures are from here:

Estimated population of unauthorized immigrant school kids in NY State: 65,000. Source:

Total number of kids in Queens school system: 280,000. NYC: 978,000. Source:

I'm not debating about what to do on the illegal immigration issue. But to me the data says it's our public system which is failing to serve our kids. I wish for no child presently living in the five boroughs, regardless of their citizenship, to feel excluded from a quality education in our city.

Too long; didn't read? Let's keep discussion focused on the failing system to accommodate and prioritize education, separating from the unauthorized immigration issue.

Anonymous said...

@ traverso: sure, we should not deport them because of their kids, we should deport them, and we will, because of illegally entering the country. I suggest that these illegals to make a revolution in their home countries since the problem is there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with their demands, if not with their methods.