Tuesday, November 1, 2016

De Blasio does't understand why people think he sucks

From the Observer:

Mayor Bill de Blasio proclaimed himself “confused” at his former deputy mayor of Health and Human Services’ attacks on him and his administration’s plans to combat the city’s homelessness crisis—plans he says she helped shape.

In an interview with NY1 Noticias the former deputy mayor, Lilliam Barrios-Paoli, said the administration doesn’t have a long-term and permanent vision for addressing the homelessness crisis. She also said she believed leaving the administration was the best decision and reported difficulties in working with de Blasio.

The mayor said he has “a lot of respect” for Barrios-Paoli, noting that they worked together for many years and that “she did a lot of good for this city”—but professed perplexity at her harsh remarks.

“I’m confused by the criticism because she was deeply involved with us in creating the plans to address homelessness,” de Blasio said during his first weekly “Mondays with the Mayor” segment with NY1 host Errol Louis. “We greatly expanded the availability of services to stop evictions. We greatly expanded the housing vouchers to keep people in their homes.”


JQ LLC said...

A: Because he is a megalomaniac.

So does Mayor Big Slow's segment on AT&T/NY1 signal more transparency from his shady organization passing as governing or is this like when Hugo Chavez when he was running his own variety program when he was president?

You got to be quite a prick to cause disillusionment to and piss off a nun at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Read between the lines: either her hiring or her next step after departure came on unofficial terms that he'd help her if she did not throw mud. And why should she, if there isn't some bigger plan here? Has she been speaking to a promising 2017 Dem. contender about getting another cushy job?

Anonymous said...

This woman saw first hand this mayor had no long term plan to help the homeless people and issue.
She left and I do not blame her. She saw the writing on the wall.
As for the mayor he is not for the people of the city but for his friends. He is corrupt as can be and a socialist at its best.
Making this a flop house of a city.
The revolution has begun to rid him and people like him out of office one election at a time!

Anonymous said...

But, why, why, why isn't 'IMPEACHMENT' an instant option that can be employed right here, and right now???

The anarchy from the breeding point of this entirely corrupt administration is SO COMPLETELY ENTRENCHED, that it's creating violence, lawlessness and vigilantism on the streets that are unprecedented, to date——and, only getting worse by the hour!

Anonymous said...

>de Blasio said during his first weekly “Mondays with the Mayor”

Only took him 3 years to decide to do something so basic.

Anonymous said...

When you surround yourself with YES people, it blinds you from the truth.

Anonymous said...

Can not wait to see how he plans his re Election bid.
We need a change here and I see it coming.

Anonymous said...

Best Election Ever !

Expose it all, then drain the swamp !

Anonymous said...

But of course. He is completely out to lunch.
Prozac and politics do not mix well.

Anonymous said...

How can we tell him, on a daily basis?

Anonymous said...

As another civil servant in NYC, I agree, Deblasio is terrible and needs to go.
Fortunately i think/hope most people realize this and he can't run on his "I have a biracial son and a mentally ill/addict daughter, i understand the people" schtick again.