Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Flushing house an abandoned mess

From QNS:

An abandoned property in Flushing has been both an eyesore and a headache for neighbors for over a decade, according to residents.

The dilapidated residence located at 35-20 167th St. has posed quality-of-life concerns for nearby residents — especially next-door neighbors Joe and Joanne Vitulli, who have lived in Flushing for over 40 years and have been dealing with problems stemming from the residence for over a decade.

“[The house] should be either condemned or knocked down,” Joanne Vitulli said. “God forbid it goes on fire.”

Vitulli said the abandoned residence houses a number of animals, including raccoons, opossums and rats, and that she and her husband frequently find the animals on the back and front yards of their property.

Joe Vitulli added that the home’s basement is full of water, which poses structural concerns all well as attracts mosquitoes, and that the widows on the property have been boarded up for about three years now.

Residents also raised concerns about people they’ve seen on the property late at night, including teenagers who go into the backyard to smoke or sleep.


Anonymous said...

Knock it down already

Anonymous said...

In my neighborhood we have been dealing with a zombie property from 1996 good luck trying to get the back to do something. The owner died.

Anonymous said...

This is BFHA territory. Very powerful group. They will handle it.

Anonymous said...

Even powerful groups like BFHA can't break the law you bozo. Unless it's in danger of collapsing on city property the city will do nothing. They need to go to their government representative, Councilman Vallone.

Anonymous said...

DOB just sits there.
How come they have not condemned it?
Where is the Dept. of Health, if it proposes a hazard?
How come there has not been a fence placed around such a dangerous site?
Maybe serving a lawsuit on the owner would get some action!

Anonymous said...

Even the entitled, "powerful" Whiteies of Broadway , cannot do squat about this.
All that is required from the DOB is that the building is sealed. And so it has been.
Look at it this way. A little ghetto comes to Broadway.

Jerry Rotondi, longtime Queens resident said...

Where is Councilman Paul Vallone on this?
Too busy lobbying for his developer clients?
We hav a full time developers' lobbyist, moonlighting as our part time councilman.
Dump Vallone!

Anonymous said...

If that big mafia don, who used to live here stil did, the matter would have been settled already.
But, alas, Don ? has moved on.

Anonymous said...

What big mafia don? Who was it?

Anonymous said...

The family that lived across the street called 311 repeatedly. God help the folks that live on either side.