Friday, November 18, 2016

Brooklyn doesn't want streetcar

From DNA Info:

Downtown Brooklyn residents “don’t need” the mayor’s proposed streetcar running through their neighborhood, locals told city officials at a Tuesday meeting, citing the high cost to taxpayers and the disruption to traffic.

Officials from the Department of Transportation and the Economic Development Corporation presented proposed routes for the Brooklyn-Queens Connector, dubbed the BQX, through Downtown Brooklyn and the surrounding neighborhoods at a Community Board 2 Transportation Committee Meeting.

Proposed routes such as Flushing Avenue and Cadman Plaza East would take riders past the transit-starved Brooklyn Navy Yard and make connections to transit hubs including Borough Hall.

“You cannot maintain all the lanes of traffic, maintain all the sidewalk width, all the bike lanes and all parking lanes — that’s not possible,” BQX Director Adam Giambrone said. “There will be tradeoffs that need to be made.”

Residents and community board members raised opposition to the streetcar — which will cost $2.5 billion to build and $30 million annually to operate — calling the costs unnecessary and instead suggested the city spend the money on additional buses in the area.


JQ LLC said...

Good luck downtown Brooklyn, as you all know that contentious protestations from the citizens around prospect park did not stop the city from painting those bike lanes.

Anonymous said...

Watch out this city does not listen to the little people. He will put it in and you just go to deal with it. Do as I say attitude.
Look they put 30 homeless men in the hotel. Renting out rooms and who is paying for it? Now there are 70 more living there. A total of 100. Again who is paying for it?
Tax payers!!!
Ask the tax payers how they feel watching their hard earned money go down the sewer?

Anonymous said...

Duh Blaz is a Brooklynite.
He wants the trolley.
He might be off of his trolley himself, but his developer supporters want the line.

Anonymous said...

You need to standardize on equipment type so you can benefit from the economy of scale of a single system. If you have multiple technologies you delay repair response time, you increase labor, equipment and supply costs. Yes, union bosses and bureaucrats may love the boondoggle because they can skim off it, but in the long run it is not beneficial to workers or constituents.

Anonymous said...

Why not build more trains underground to connect the outer boroughs?

Anonymous said...

The only one that wants this is DuhBlazio and his cronies.

[i]"Why not build more trains underground to connect the outer boroughs?"[/i]

It's much cheaper and easier to build above ground, especially with existing infrastructure below ground already. Additional bus routes would be a better idea for what this is trying to achieve.