Monday, November 7, 2016

The W is back (and no one cares)

From AM-NY:

The W train makes its return on Monday morning, marking the first time the line will be running to Astoria since it was terminated in 2010.

It will be replacing Q service in Queens. When the first phase of the Second Avenue subway opens, expected to be at the end of the year, the Q will be re-routed from the 57th Street station to head up Second Avenue. Until then, the Q will terminate at the midtown station.

Many Astoria residents mulling about 31st Street, shaded by the elevated subway tracks, on Sunday were ambivalent to the W redux and had few parting words for the Q train. They may occasionally miss a train, but they won’t necessarily miss this line.

“Miss a train? I don’t think so,” said lifelong Astoria resident John Briscione, 56, a former business owner, on the Q’s final Queens departure. “You might miss an ex-girlfriend, but you don’t miss a train.”


Anonymous said...

What makes them so sure that the second Avenue subway line is going to open by years end? They are always saying that something is on time when it never is. I wouldn't be one bit surprised if the opening date didn't happen. Last I heard was the fact that they dug the tunnels too narrow for the new trains to fit through. SO let's see how this will work.

JQ LLC said...

The W doesn't stand for weekend. Reportedly it will not run on Saturdays and Sundays.

Anonymous said...

The train service is actually DECREASING as development along the line is SKYROCKETING but no one is doing anything about it, from clueless hipshits taking pictures of food to developer wanna-bes hauling dirt for their uncle, no one really is going to do much about it up in that part of our borough.

Astoria kinda reminds you of the frog slowly getting cooked in a pot of water.

Anonymous said...

If you know who works at the MTA you will not be surprised to know that it is a total mess. Isn't diversity wonderful?

Anonymous said...

“You might miss an ex-girlfriend, but you don’t miss a train.”

I kinda miss the 9. who's with me ?

JQ LLC said...

I miss the C to 116, the S shuttle is a waste and an inconvenience. If anything the MTA should extend the C to lefferts. The lefferts line is under served.

Anonymous said...

So there are physically more trains running on the line (decreasing wait times and increasing capacity), or all they've done is re-badge every other train on the line to make it a "W"?

Xpyred said...

"Don't you don't miss a train?"
Really? Because here in Rego Park, it's a pain in the ass to catch a Manhattan bound or forest hills bound local train since they removed the V and G trains. The M doesn't run on weekends and the R comes every 30-45 minutes on weekends. I miss the damn V and G trains running local here because at least the system moved.