Friday, November 4, 2016

Questions about Sanitation spending spree

From NBC:

The city's Department of Sanitation has seen a 13 percent payroll increase under Mayor de Blasio, but New Yorkers have lodged 24 percent more 311 complaints about missed trash collection in that time, leading some residents to wonder if taxpayer money is being put to good use. Chris Glorioso reports.


Anonymous said...

The reason why there is so much missed trash probably is because these illegal conversions dump out more garbage bags at a time and the sanitation workers are crunched for time since they have to now pick up more trash due to illegal conversions. Stop the illegal conversions and over development and you will probably see less complaints about trash pickup.

Anonymous said...

And in North Flushing they aren't picking up bagged leaves.
Apparently they have special dates for this service, however the dates have not been disseminated to the residents of the area.

JQ LLC said...

18:8 supervisor over subordinate? Massive uptick of administrative positions? It sounds like a mafia scheme for no-show workers for their "soldiers".

Our sanitation commissioner is using the same fatalistic excuse as our crybaby ACS commissioner's response to Zymere's death ("all this was to be expected" is a bit like "we can't save them all") with a tinge of sugarcoating the fact about the pervasive and quasi-criminal incompetence running these departments.

No wonder I don't see those compost cans anymore.

Anonymous said...

The inspectors are not aggressive enough. Many seem oblivious to glaring illegal dumping issues throughout Queens.

Anonymous said...

Noticing my trash collection pick up is getting later and later? Why? There is no snow predicted. There was no Holiday to back up the collection.
Is it just that they are looking for overtime?
Hey I know they work hard and should be paid accordingly but when my trash is collected later and in the winter my block is forgotten in snow removal one begins to think? But they say you get your money's worth.

Res Ipsa said...

The spending has "caused some of the city council to call for fiscal restraint." Funny how there were no calls for restraint when they were getting 30% raises.

That said, de Blasio's math is a disaster as usual. The civil service system is a bit ridiculous, but that's not his fault. The fact that there are more sanitation supervisors than workers is one of those ridiculous quirks in the system.

Anonymous said...

Now we have different pick up for leaves? What is this? This is crazy! The lawn and garden items go into the organics(brown bucket). All summer cleaning up leaves and now we need a special pick up? If you do not put it out in a brown bag it will get picked up as refuse? Ask me why am I killing myself sweeping the leaves then?
Is this not lawn and garden items? Or did we create a new job just for leaves?
Like many of my neighbors we did not ask for this city tree. Rises up my sidewalk. Clean up after it or you will get a ticket and now this.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anybody who saves their table scraps for composting? I can't think of one. That program is a total waste, and the resources devoted to it could be much better used for the collection of TV's, computers, printers etc. Obviously the current e-cycle system is a failure as electronics can be seen lying all over the City.

Anonymous said...

More pay, less work. It's the American way!!!

cealie said...

I had a lot of problems with trash being left behind. I think it's because I didn't tip the collectors like my neighbors did. The collectors would take everything they put out, even if it looked like a junkyard. I called 311 several times and the garage supervisor would insist that I call the garage only, not call 311. I called 311 one more time and I got a perjured summons that was rightfully dismissed. Then soon after they sent the car to give me ANOTHER fine but my husband saw the car and started walking toward it and he took off. When I called the garage to complain about the perjured fines I got all kinds of excuses for why the car was there, until finally the supervisor settled for "there was no car in the area". All I could do was laugh listening to the guy sputtering. And nobody cares, I even wrote the commissioner of sanitation, Kathryn Garcia, and never got a response from her or anyone.

Anonymous said...

I've been a good boy and have used the organic bins since they started but can imagine many don't bother but eventually it will probably become mandatory so get used to it.Sanitation is starting in Nov. to pick up organics twice a week, I don't know if it's just for the Fall leaf season.
What to do with garbage has always been a big problem in NYC since the Dutch days,most of our wetlands have been filled in with garbage.I would like to see the incinerators which were shut down because of toxic smoke and ash being used again if the technology is there to make them safe.

Anonymous said...

It's Saturday...still no garbage pick up yet.
What is the delay? Looking for overtime? Slowdown? Huh the last time we had a slowdown was during the snowstorm in December when Bloomberg was out of the city.
Not one plow or truck could be seen or heard and I am right near the place.
It took till Thursday to plow us out with bucket loaders.

(sarc) said...

Your tax dollars at work.

Remember this on Tuesday!!!

Anonymous said...

> I think it's because I didn't tip the collectors like my neighbors did.

Is that a thing people do now? Tipping the same people we already pay top dollar for with our taxes?

And how would you even know who to tip, when there's a different crew each time?

faster340 said...

The streets are filthy and there is garbage all over the place. A friend of mine came over and we had to go to Home Depot. I went to the one in Woodhaven and as we were driving there he noticed it and said wow does anybody clean the streets? He lives in Nassau County and I have witnessed how much cleaner it appears to be. Between the property tax and New York City income tax I would think they would have plenty of money to take care of the streets and the garbage at least. I paid more than my friend in Nassau does for taxes.