Friday, November 25, 2016

Impending election serves as great motivator for BdB

From the NY Times:

A patchwork of weeds, rusted refineries, dilapidated warehouses and pollution-soaked land along the East River in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn has long held the unfulfilled dream of local residents.

For more than a decade, New York City officials have promised to transform the industrial wasteland into a 28-acre park in exchange for neighborhood support for a rezoning that would allow the construction of luxury residential buildings in what was once a primarily working-class area.

In that time, as Williamsburg became a magnet for the wealthy and aspirational, only a portion of the promised Bushwick Inlet Park came to life. Acquiring the land from a host of owners proved to be difficult, fraying the patience of local residents. But this week, officials announced that the city had ended a standoff with the owner of the last 11-acre parcel needed to join the southern and northern ends of the park’s footprint, agreeing to pay $160 million for the property.

“It’s a damn miracle!” said Joe Mayock, 50, executive director of Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn, one of several groups that haves pushed for the park. “This isn’t just about a park or even about a neighborhood — it’s about holding the city accountable as it continues to transform.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio praised the acquisition, calling it “an investment in the future of Brooklyn” and saying the price was fair.

“Our administration keeps its promises,” Mr. de Blasio, a Democrat, said in a statement. “When we commit to build a new park or a new school in a growing community, we deliver.”


JQ LLC said...

That's if he makes it to the primaries without getting cuffed.

Joe said...

Would rather have the weeds, rats garbage because with a little work a group of volunteers can clean that up.

I want to vomit every time I come down the LIE going west around 69st, you can no longer see parts of Manhattan. A nasty billboard and ugly stupid looking towers sticking up like cigarettes.

Brooklyn is crazy if they buy into this crock of shit they are being spoon-fed and told is a meal. The city its council and mayor are a bunch of fork tongue liars & snakes and can only be expected to behave like a den of hungry poisonous snakes !!

Anonymous said...

Yet no real solutions for the homeless people being warehoused in neighborhood hotels.
Recently he rented out rooms to 100 men in the Holiday Inn...graffiti has increased and so has the drugs. Walking to church to see dirty needles all over.
Yeah you keep your promises luxury buildings and ruining nice neighborhoods.
Thanks for nothing!

Anonymous said...

Mayor big bird has got to go.
He is a major train wreck.
Son FNye and ex lesbian wife are running the show.
BDB is menrtally I'll.

Anonymous said...

Calling this Marxist dictator "Big Bird" is to kind !!
This tyrant is some kind of mix of Boss Tweed, Tommy Chong & Obama and requires a new word. I also believe he may be bipolar sociopath.

Anonymous said...

Some boob who's been posting on the subject ad nauseum seems to have a perpetual hardon for Obama.
Everything is Obama's fault.
An asteroid is headed towards Earth. IT'S CERTAINLY OBAMA'S FAULT.
LOL! Get a life buddy. Get a brain.