Friday, November 11, 2016

Thank a veteran today


Anonymous said...

I thanked my father! A Vietnam vet :) and I thanked my bf even though he is still in the army, he's got 13 years in!

JQ LLC said...

that guy is 91?!! he looks like he's in 60's.

It's very admirable that this veteran chooses to work still, but I wonder if he does it no only for his health but because it's more difficult to live on social security and military benefits.

Truly phenomenal. And much gratitude especially to all enlisted that had to deal with serving under the bad costly decisions under Clinton, Shrub, Obama and now have to with Trump in control.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful day to see the parade, starts 11 am, goes up 5th Ave from Madison Park to 53rd!

Good way to show our support!

Anonymous said...

Thanked my uncle today!
Where would we be with out these great people who made the ultimate sacrifice.
Those brave men and women who fought for this country to have what we have today and some take it for granted! Thank them today!
If it was not for them God knows what we would be today!
Let's all come together and let's start healing this division. We are a better people for it!
Let's learn to respect one another and their beliefs and we may not all agree on things but we all agree on living peacefully. We must give Trump a chance. Hey the if Clinton got in..would we not give her a chance? We gave Obama a chance and after eight years we need a change. Look at this...either candidate we were going to get a change!
God Bless America and Thank a veteran today!

Gary W said...

I did, and saw the Dope Form Park Slope Marching.

I yelled "No Commies on Veterans Day", not sure if he heard me.

Anonymous said...

I did.

Anonymous said...

91 years old!! And he still has his hair! Amazing man. God bless him.