Thursday, November 17, 2016

BSA approves overdevelopment in Staten Island

From SI Live:

A plan to build four new two-family houses at 122 Bard Ave. in Livingston has been approved and is awaiting building permits from the city before shovels can hit the dirt.

The vacant parcel, which measures 85 feet wide and 200 feet deep, used to be home to a two-story, single-family house. It has now been divided into four lots and will be developed for a total of eight families.

The city Board of Standards and Appeals granted the request by developer Glenn Yost of Staten Island-based Whitwell Properties LLC to build the four buildings.

Residents, the Community Board and other leaders have opposed the project, as it adds density to the site and the original plan didn't offer what they felt was appropriate parking for the four buildings. They feared that residents would park on an access road even though it's prohibited.

The Land Use Committee of Community Board 1 voted against the project, citing concerns with parking and the access road.

The Full Community Board 1 also voted against it.

Borough President James Oddo also opposed it, alleging that it doesn't comply with zoning requirements in the Lower Density Growth Management Area Zoning Amendment, regarding open area for residences in the zoning district and the location of parking.


M. How said...

Time for a dumb question:

If the Full Community Board 1 and Borough President James Oddo opposed it because of non-compliance with zoning requirements how, pray tell, did it get approved?

More to the point, whose pockets were lined and how many dollars does it take to break the law?

Anonymous said...

This is payback for voting for Trump.

The Democratic Machine is just as fascist as the Right. If you have the nerve to think and not stand on the line or read from the script they will cut you off and do as much damage to you as possible including dividing communities so that they can rule without dissent.

That sounds a bit like the Democratic Machine's comments about Trump, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

This is Staten Island.