Saturday, December 23, 2006

Cookie-Cutter Crap

These houses stood on the northeast corner of 77th Place and Furmanville Avenue. They were built during the post-Civil War era, circa 1870s-1880s and were two well-preserved examples of the type of homes built in the Middle Village area throughout the 19th century.
The two detached one-family homes were replaced by four two-family attached homes in 1996. Did they need to pour concrete over every green space they had?

We are in favor of cookie cutters here at Queens Crap when they are used to make delicious Christmas treats, but not when they are wielded by greedy developers who build crap such as this.


Kevin Walsh said...

Now, now, they left a strip of grass by the driveways, which is more than most of these places have.

Anonymous said...

If you look closely, Kevin, there's even a tiny tree in that strip of grass. This is called developer reforestation. Think of all the shade it will provide!

Anonymous said...

Now that its the holiday season, lets talk about all the gift giving by/to the policians here in Queens.

This week's Village Voice article on McLaughlin is a nice place to start.

A friend went to a precinct council meeting in western Queens last month and instead of talking about the spiking crime in the community, a bunch of developers and low level government operatives got together for a showy charity fund raiser.

They raised about three weeks rent of a typical Manhattan one bed room.

Thats what I call the Holiday Spirit! Thats giving something back to the community!