Tuesday, December 19, 2006

From Ranch House to Queens Crap

This ranch house was built along 69th Street at 58th Road in Maspeth circa 1915 when the street was called "Juniper Avenue." There were numerous fruit trees and a lush lawn on the land surrounding it. The trees had already been removed and the landscape destroyed prior to the taking of this photo.

The one-family house was torn down earlier this year to make way for 4 units of Queens Crap. The plumbing work required for the houses snarled traffic along 69th Street, a major road, for almost 2 weeks.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they left that large tree by the street. It's blocking the view of those electric meters on the side of the crap-houses.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess a developer doesn't consider his work to be complete until he's destroyed something natural - in addition to building ugly shit. Check that one off the list.

verdi said...

The "Lungs of Queens" are its luxuriant "green spaces" that are too quickly vanishing. Trees cleanse the air of pollutants in addition to being...well...simply beautiful! In this case, a single family home has been replaced with a four units (each, I assume, comprised of at least 4 members with, maybe, 2 cars apiece) who will occupy these new dwellings. Make no mistake about it....these units are not built as"affordable housing". They'll run in the range of about 500K & 800K a unit! No newly arrived immigrant aspiring to get his share of the "good life "will be settling down for a "warm Winter's nap" in one of these. They'll be living in the dormatories (that have already been well documented by the media) in Astoria. Elmhurst & Corona. Happy holdays to all of these hard- working folks... from the N.Y.C. Real Estate Industry! Thanks, also, to the supporting cast of Councilmembers i.e. Dennis Gallagher and Melinda Katz for their work in making this all possible!.........VERDI