Thursday, December 28, 2006

Daily Snooze

The New York Daily News today published a year-end review of everything that went on in Queens in 2006. Of course, the details of overdevelopment projects along the waterfront are highlighted while related stories, such as anticipated hospital closings and the Astoria blackout, two topics that are directly connected to our lack of preparedness for the avalanche of new development, are just footnotes:

The year's 'cooler' moments

If that isn't bad enough, we have our illustrious Queens Borough President lauding the effort to convert a former Jamaica courthouse into Queens Crap. Check out the photo of the architectural rendering for this and shudder... The plan is to basically take the facade of this beautiful building and embed it into a glass nightmare.


Anonymous said...

That courthouse drawing is the most hideous thing I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding.

What community board okayed this?

Queens Crapper said...

According to the article, "Community Board 12 voted 30 to 0, with three abstentions, to approve the plans. Board 12 chairwoman Gloria Black praised Dermot Co. for its "willingness to make adjustments" to its proposal."

Anonymous said...

OK. Does anyone have a picture of this while it was the library?

Do you have a picture of the rendering that is a little larger? Perhaps at least four or five times bigger? How can anyone really appreciate this unless you can study it up and close?

verdi said...

If Queens Borough President Marshal approves of this abortion, I'd like to see her given the title that she deserves: "#1 Queens Crapper" ! She's not, as her wide smiling face purports her to be, just another harmless mediocre....dumber- than-dirt- politico....but a crafty and malevolent (business-as-usual) suck-up-to-the-builders sellout (Similar to our former "Bovine" Boro Prez, Shulman)! I'd rather have an obvious crook like Donald Manes running Queens. At least he had his own arrogant form of "style" and the people could readily recognize him for what he was....a crook! What we seem to have in most of our "representatives" are Wolves in Sheeps' clothing! Wise up Queens residents and stop electing and re-electing these felons to public office!.........VERDI

Anonymous said...

Aw, shucks, fellows, be NICE to our current boro president - as she is such a NICE person.

Why don't we all go over to her website (Queens boro hall) - and read about that slave mistress Queen Catherine being falsely touted yet again as the namesake of the boro.

Talk about being clueless.

Its shame that an African-American office holder should boast about someone like Catherine, isn't it?

Make a NICE piece for one of our borough many newspapers (if they can shake out of their prodevelopment trance) to write about.

Lets see, when is Black History Month coming up?