Monday, December 11, 2006

Flushing Frightfest

Submitted by K.W.:
42-18 155 Street in Flushing is the very model of a modern Queens barracks.
--Exposed water meters in front? Check.
(though the generally ubiquitous Fedders or Friedrich air conditioners are absent.)
--Bland yellow brick? Check.
--Metallic doors? Check.
--Absence of grass in front? Check.
--SUV parked in front? Check.
Generally, if there are old-growth trees in front of a modern Queens barracks, the trees will be cut down during or before construction. The new Queens homeowner does not want vegetation obscuring neighbors' view of their fine new building. Any grass in front of the building there previously will be cemented over, because the SUV has to go there. Garages are no longer built in back of the barracks; vehicles either go in a basement garage or on a flat patch of concrete in front. This is the future of Queens. Unless something is done.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Even if the building has a garage, you can rent both spaces to the tenants and a third can fit in the space between the garage and the house.

Hell, its still not enough.

In Queens, where you got seven guys in an apartment, most of 'em still got to walk.