Monday, December 25, 2006

Even Santa Hates Queens Crap

Merry Christmas from Queens!


Anonymous said...

It seems like most new houses don't have fireplaces. But the Children of Queens need not worry- Santa has a number of ways to gets into QueensCrap houses:

1. Easily removes the rusted metalic door.

2. Sneaks in a few days early and hides in the illegal basement apartment until Christmas

3. Removes the Fedders and squeezes through the opening.

4. Bribes local elected official to gain access to the property.

5. Poses as Department of Buildings Inspector. Oh, wait, they don't come to Queens. Nevermind.. skip that one.

Anyone else got ideas for Santa?

Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

How about walking right in through the front door?

Most illegal conversions are little more than dorms for transients, and as the landlord doesn't live on the property, who knows who lives there?

Of course, you can call the police when you see a stranger breaking in, but, well, we all know about response time for the finest in Queens, don't we?