Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Yet Another New Park for Manhattan

The NY Times reports that there are plans in the works for yet another park in Manhattan built upon a platform, similar to the High Line on the west side.

While St. Saviour's, costing just a fifth of what only the base for this proposed thing would cost, sits ignored in Queens. Another prime candidate for parkhood, the Klein Farm in Fresh Meadows, remains neglected as well.

Looks like Mr. Bloomberg needs to be reminded that there are 4 other boroughs of this city in addition to the one in which he resides!


Anonymous said...

Well, lets see one newspaper, just one newspaper in Queens, tell the people of our boro why both the rich and poor people in Manhattan qualify for (public) access to waterfront parks.

I want them to tell us why only the rich people getting (private/exclusive) waterfront access in Queens.

Finally, I want them to tell us why the regular folks in our boro are gettin nuttin (except a waterfront blocked by a wall and the massive tax bill to make it all happen, of course)?

PS Perhaps a sidebar listing all the office holders with apartments in these new waterfront towers would be cool, too!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Eric Gioia live in Citi Lights? I guess Woodside became too overdeveloped for his liking...or else he wanted to live as close to the Manhattan elite as he possibly could without having to resign. Nice developer contributions to his campaign for an office yet to be declared!

Anonymous said...

Now! Now!

Do you mean to tell us all that news we get in the weekly Queens papers is censored and slanted?

Lets see, how many newspapers do we have? Certainly one of them would be happy to report this information. Certainly one of them would be happy to break ranks.

I mean, everytime there is a development proposal they all breathlessly plaster it across the front page.

Perhaps they can give something that is in the public interest the same treatment they give those developers?

Or does freedom of the press only apply to those who own the printing press?

Anonymous said...

Gasp! Do you suggest that the donations he recieved might have an influence on his developement votes?

If that was true, it would be reported in the local press.

Its not, so stop spreading rumors about a young hard working man who is going places and whose family still lives in the old neighborhood so that proves he cares about us so there!

Anonymous said...

Hey, just because Gioia received thousands upon thousands of dollars from the likes of Suna, Silvercup, Katan, Tishman and Terra Cotta doesn't mean they bought his vote. He voted for these projects because of all the affordable housing they're bringing to our shoreline! That's why he's in favor of a platform over Sunnyside Yards, too. Because developers have run out of room to bui...er, oh, I mean people in Queens have run out of places to live.

Anonymous said...

Where does Pete Vallone, Jr. live?

Anonymous said...


In a building that had power during the blackout...