Sunday, December 31, 2006

Feds Probe Death of Crushed Worker

Another account of a death on a construction site was printed in today's Daily News. This one was in our borough, in Astoria. Department of Buildings, why do you allow this to continue?


Anonymous said...

I recall when they passed immigration reform in 1965 and still regard it as one of our finest moments in our nation's history.

I hate it when these high ideals have deteriorated into an excuse to abuse immigrants. Increasingly, the immigrant experience is that of exploited workers or tenants living in conditions that would make Jacob Riis blush.

I do not understand how a city that prides itself in the immigrant experience turns a blind eye as the same people are getting abused in plain sight to us all.

Another false myth that masks heartless realty.

Sort of reminds me of that Suna project that excludes the working class/immigrants from their community's waterfront and uses the public process to separate poor folks from the rich.

Curious why no one is taking this up for a lawsuit.

verdi said...

In the end (history has proven too many times) no one will remember that dead worker, (G-d rest his soul) ! He's just another one to be sacrificed getting some greedy "developer" more wealthy! Heaven forbid that the Depatment of Buildings gives a damn about job site safety either. They're too busy making money for the city (and themselves, via "kickbacks" from builders) and issuing permits without having to examine the building plans. Shame on you DOB! Let's, finally, have an end to "self-certification" now (whereby an architect can O.K. his own drawings)! Damn you politicians who are not supporting this measure. Let everyone pause and say a quiet prayer for this hard working departed man. He could have been one of our friends or loved ones............VERDI