Monday, December 18, 2006

The NYC Conspiracy of Overdevelopment

For years, civic associations have been complaining about the rampant building taking place in Queens neighborhoods. The City Council and the mayors we have had thrust upon us over the past 20 years or so really didn't give a damn. They cater to the real estate industry, not the people they were elected to represent. Even if leaders at the Department of Buildings wanted to do something about the problem, they are told by our elected officials to lay off. This has been going on for more than 20 years, as evidenced by this May 11, 1986 article from the New York Times:

Queens Fears Impact of New Multifamily Dwellings.

Borough Presidents Shulman and Marshall have done absolutely nothing about this problem except admit that there is one. Well, duh!

How about this writing on the wall?
NYT, January 9, 2000: One-Family House Defended As an Endangered Species

NYT, December 28, 2000: Owner Takes the Garden Out of Garden Apartments to Add Housing

All of these pieces of evidence have led us to conclude that in NYC, there is a Conspiracy of Overdevelopment.

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venomwoman said...

I am so sad about what is going on with the overdevelopmet, as well. It's terrible that the developers only see dollar signs.

I live in Ridgewood, that was once a quite block across the street from Public School 68. what is going on here is against the law. When politicians allow rezonings and variances to builders and developers, without concern for the neighborhoods they represent. it is a shame!!
There is a reason why they were zoned like that in the first place. People move out of the city for this very purpose. Wanting to own a house with a little bit of green for the a backyard. Now, we fear what is going to happen to the property when a neighbor sells. It is quite obvious that communities are in a uproar about this and it is somethnig that needs to be a top priority because it is happening so fast. Around the corner from me there are 3 lots on one block, one family homes were tore down and they are building the generic 3 & 4 family homes. Streets that hardly had cars parked on them because we have driveways, are now full on both sides.

I am completely frustrated and considering leaving NY for sunny FL. Live in a gated community with a HOA.

I am glad that should I decide to leave New York, I'll be leaving her in good hands with Keep up the good fight ad good luck!