Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's Cuomo hiding?

From the Daily News:

There’s one phrase Gov. Cuomo never hears: “You’ve got mail!”

Cuomo refuses to communicate with his staff by email, sources close to the governor revealed to the Daily News.

If aides can’t talk in person or by phone, they are told to use the BlackBerry PIN-to-PIN messaging system — a function that leaves no lasting trail because it bypasses data-saving email servers. It allows users to connect directly through their devices using Personal Identification Numbers.

Only members of Cuomo’s inner circle are told his PIN, sources say.

A message sent over a data server can always be recovered, even when deleted. Not so for PIN messages, which are gone forever once killed, a spokesman for BlackBerry operator Research In Motion said.

And while much of the back-and-forth communication between the governor and his aides is private, it could be subject to subpoena by ethics investigators, prosecutors and possibly members of the Legislature in the event of a probe.

“He told me directly to use the PIN and that was the way to do it,” said one former administration official.

Cuomo — who promised to have the most open and transparent administration in state history — did not tell the former official the reason to use PIN communication, but the message was clear, the source said.

“It doesn’t have a paper trail,” the official said. “If he gets a new phone, he gets a new PIN, even if he has the same phone number. Every phone has a specific PIN.”


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for an investigation ino Cuomo's shady dealings while he was Head of HUD. He was up to no good then and it is still having negative repercussions on our country. Cuomo should have been in jail by now!
He's a lying sneak, just like his dad was.

Anonymous said...

Typical pos pol............and democRAT!

Anonymous said...

Would he support a law granting to the private sector the same flexibility he has in not retaining official communications?

Anonymous said...

an anti-fracking donation,maybe ?from you know who ?

Anonymous said...

"What's Cuomo hiding?"


Anonymous said...

could it be a copy of a news report about nys union officials recorded discussing "shovel ready jobs"and how they use nys legislators and lobbysts to obtain taxpayer funds.

see,7/18/12, "O'Keefe Rises :Union bosses okay digging up-then filling back in - ditches on taxpayer dime"

georgetheatheist said...

Here's the link to Cuomo as Clinton's HUD Secretary and his role in the mortgage crisis:

Hey Andy, we don't forget.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a little bit of sunshine + transparency.huh?

Anonymous said...

i read the George The A, link . by Wayne Barrett ,Village Voice,2008.

one wonders who is paying the many quasi- gov. cronies of this corrupt gang today ,and if any have been indicted and jailed ?

did not a Jankowsky or relative (Creamer) write the 2700 page Obamacare law ,while in jail for embezzlement.