Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Resorts World robbed

From the NY Post:

A bold bandit hit a $63,000 jackpot at Aqueduct Racetrack’s new racino — by robbing the Queens gambling hall with a demand note that threatened a cashier with death, sources said.

Like an outer-borough version of “Ocean’s 11,” the bandit walked over to a cashier on the second floor of the Resorts World Casino at about 5 p.m. and handed a female cashier a note saying, “Give me the money or die.”

He then simulated a gun in his waistband and said, “This is not a joke,” and “there are people watching us,” sources said.

The cashier handed the man — who never displayed a weapon — $63,000 in cash. He then calmly walked out of the racino, whose security guards are unarmed.

It was the first robbery at the racino since it opened in October.


Anonymous said...

Story sounds fishy. Inside job?

Anonymous said...

How'd the perp get off the property without getting caught? That's a big parking lot over there and a long way to the street.

Anonymous said...

Inside job. Standard operating procedure in a casino would be to lock everything down, gun or no gun.

Anonymous said...

The cashier gave up that easily? She was in on it.

Anonymous said...

socialist governments do not condone protecting their citizens and property , with weapons.

a scandinavian country recently experienced this government dictate , tragically.

American prisons need more universal gyms,basket ball courts, baseball and football teams, cable tv, movies,and free healthcare./sex change operations and conjugal visits. taxpayer funded frivolous appeals, etc. (sarc)

has our government gone crazy ????? or have the citizens ????? to accept this CRAP......

more D.O.J. investigations and harassment of Arizona Sheriff Arpayo(tent lock ups) are a must.

Joe said...

--This was likely an inside job like the Idawild (JFK) airport heists that went on in that area years ago.
Only this time local mud gangs may be running the show.
Whoever committed it was likely a gang member being initiated into a higher rank.
Queens has become another Southern California "south central LA" with gangs due to Bloombergs sanctuary city "come and get it" policy.
Its just missing the police helicopters and bright narrow Q-beams flying all night long like a scene from "War of the Worlds"

Anonymous said...

Oh come on. It's obviously an inside job.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how a robbery (probably an inside job) gets turned into a terrorist act. We live in very paranoid times.

Anonymous said...

was not the Weather Underground Terrorist gang getting their "funding" in the 70's , by robbing Brinks armored trucks in Nanuet,N.Y. and murdering the guards and troopers?
some of them ,released from prison by presidential pardons, are in authority college positions ,presently.

breitbart is here....

Anonymous said...

Some were caught and prosecuted and punished, Gramps. They should all still be in jail. The others are dead, and no complaints here. The Weather Underground no longer exists, although you still seem to think that they do. Maybe that's because the people who dictate what you think, I mean the people who report the news to you, want to scare gullible people.

Breitbart is still here? Timothy McVeigh must still be as well.