Thursday, July 5, 2012

Queens Plaza billboard battle

From the NY Post:

A 75-year-old Queens billboard could go blank if the city has its way.

Atlantic Outdoor Advertising began leasing the billboard at 23-10 Queens Plaza South in 1999, but when it sought permission to change wording on the rooftop display last year, the move was rejected because the city claimed the billboard was not an “advertising” sign.

The billboard has towered above the Queensboro Bridge approach roadway and elevated-train lines since 1936, when it was built by the then-Long Island City-based Eagle Electric.

The company, once did its manufacturing in the Queens Plaza South space, putting its slogan, “Perfection is not an Accident,” on the billboard.

“This is an iconic sign; it’s not far off from the Pepsi sign or other signs in the city that are familiar to drivers for many years,” said Atlantic lawyer Simon Rothkrug.

The city decided in 2011 that the sign’s use should be restricted to advertising only what was made or produced in the building it sat upon, not for general advertising.


r185 said...

“This is an iconic sign; it’s not far off from the Pepsi sign or other signs in the city that are familiar to drivers for many years.” He's kidding, right? If this were an old Studebaker sign, OK. But a billboard that changes regularly and is an interesting as... let's say a Lexus ad... No way.

Anonymous said...

Yet another reminder of how hostile the city was and remains to manufacturing -- and how petty things can get.

Anonymous said...

They want to fill another million people into this city, and by the looks of it, they want to put them into Western Queens. Did any of these wise future-seers learn where the jobs for these million would come from?

Joe said...

Jobs ?
What jobs it gonna be multi millionaires,tustfunders and sec 8s voting democrat forever.
No need for jobs because the mayor is phasing middle class out.
This scumbag mayor is HOSTILE to any small business or mom&pop operation. Those people don't have a chance. Even bodegas have added "Lotto" and NYS crack machines to offset rent & taxes.

Now add upcoming federal communist taxes & fines the IRS will be enforcing for Obamacare (take your house away) will be the nails in the coffin. Those 'dirty secrets" will be disclosed and start appearing next year after the November elections.

Anonymous said...

western queens is becoming a dumping ground - cellars are being rented illegally - a fire hazard -
a crowding of people - lack of parking space in front of your own home..... and then the ruining of
Long Island City.
What's next.......

Resident since 1938 - Dorothy Neary