Monday, July 2, 2012

OSHA fines bad construction business

From the Times Ledger:

A Flushing construction firm is facing $94,380 in fines for repeatedly putting workers at risk for deadly falls or electric shocks, the U.S. Labor Department said last Thursday.

The fines stemmed from unprotected scaffolding, which exposed workers to the possibility of falling 15 feet onto a concrete sidewalk, according to OSHA. The contractor, Core Continental Construction, listed as being at 36-40 Main St., Suite 205, also used frayed and ungrounded extension cords to power a tile cutter, which could cause electrocution, the administration said.

The company is run by a man named Chunlin Chiang, according to state documents, but someone also appears to have listed the contractor under multiple addresses in corporation databases.

The firm’s name is registered several times with the New York Department of State with different numbers after it and several addresses.

OSHA has the firm’s address as 36-40 Main St., Suite 205, but state records show it is also listed at 140-37 Cherry Ave. and 140-14 Cherry Ave., Apt. 3B, depending on whether the record is for Core Continental Construction or Core Continental Construction 2, 3, v or 6.

OSHA previously cited hazardous conditions in 2008 and 2010 at construction sites in Flushing and Manhattan. Many of the violations occurred at a downtown Flushing condominium on 41st Road.


Anonymous said...

It appears that for years there has only been temporary c of o. DOB and ECB violations galore. No active permits.

Bottomline, too many of the Asian developers/builders/owners/general contractors and contractors abuses the City codes and laws.

Something really needs to be done about this.

What are the politicians doing to change the laws to hold them all accountable.

Anonymous said...

And, just like in the case of the Huangs, the fines will be drastically reduced. They will be given a payment plan and continue to conduct business as usual.

OSHA has about 3 inspectors covering the Boroughs I have been led to believe. They will be happy to get what little cash they can out of these culprits.

When they have a fatality, as the Huangs did, NO ONE WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. The D.A. will choose not to indict. Really, these outlaws need to be STOPPED.

Anonymous said...

Unsafe working conditions? A direct effect of crapped out economy, weakened unions and illegals. We recently saw, on Staten Island, a worker (described as "hispanic") buried alive in an unsecured trench, which had been dug without permits... fines will be minimal, considering someone died - and, because it was completely preventable, this was no "accident" Let me tell you what I see: across the street from me is a plumbing contractor (heavy street excavation stuff, not clogged toilets. They ONLY use illegals: all Mexicans. These guys start at about 4:30/5AM, get back around 7pm, then work in the yard til at least midnight, if not later. That's a 20-hour work day, and I am sure lack of sleep is not safe. But, hey: Mexicans, unlike Irishmen, are slave labor. You work them until they're dead.

The economy is so crapped out people who were cavalier to begin with are getting absolutely homicidal as they try to maximize profits. . . while, on the one hand, illegals should not be here (it is, after all, illegal) IMO the people who hire them for death projects should be fully prosecuted and sent up the river for life. I am totally disgusted.