Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lame pols continue to do nothing for Brinckerhoff Cemetery

So the Brinckerhoff Cemetery story has finally made the evening news. Notice the council member and wannabe assembly member in this report talk about how they're sure the LPC will do the right thing but neither of them pledges to raise money to purchase the property. We've had decades of empty words from empty suits.

"I believe at the end of the day that the city is going to landmark this property. That's what they really, really want to do." - Jim Gennaro

And they haven't for 47 years because...?

How much have you set aside in the latest budget for its purchase? Let me guess...$0 again?


Anonymous said...

It's also interesting to note that while running for Congress, Rory Lancman spoke of preserving St. Savior's by eminent domain, but somehow didn't connect that cause to Brinckerhoff.

Liz crowley also spoke at the Brinckerhoff rally, wonder what she was doing there.

The struggle for Brinckerhoff= the struggle for St. Saviors.

Anonymous said...

St. Saviour's and Brinckerhoff are vastly different. St. Saviour's never even got on LPC's radar.

Anonymous said...

Everyone remained mute this year when development desecrated the Corona Cemetery so don't be surprised if you get empty words for YOUR project.

What is needed is for us to confront the pols - they own the communities and they know it and every square inch is for sale to the highest bidder ... until you stand up to them and stop this.

Anonymous said...

Ask Jim Gennaro about his guru, Sri Chinmoy, who he got buried in Chinmoy's very own personal cemetery on Normal Road and 164th Street in Jamaica Queens.
it doubles as a tennis court. And you expect a mind controlled drone of a creepy abusive guru to help you with anything?
It's not in Gennaro's interests to have anything landmarked.

Anonymous said...

Surprised the dems don't do a better job on cemeteries considering how many of their current voters are located three.