Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Keep your pants on..."

From the Daily News:

Rockaway residents fed up with getting an eyeful from a nude beach are demanding the city rebuild a fence to shield their gaze from naked sunbathers.

Dozens of scandalized locals rallied at the beach Sunday — pushing to rebuild the fence that separated the federally controlled adult beach in Riis Park from the tamer sands of Neponsit.

The fence blew down during Hurricane Irene last year - and the protesters said the nude beachgoers have been in their face ever since.

"The city needs to put the fence back up, plain and simple," said City Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Queens). "This is about protecting families and children. This is about protecting the community. This is about protecting decency."

City officials have been reluctant to rebuild the fence, saying the law requires undivided public access to beaches below the high tide line. Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe said in a letter to local officials that the city Parks Department and the National Parks Service, which runs Riis Park, are trying to manage their properties with a “more holistic approach.”


Anonymous said...

I haven't been to this beach specifically but as with any beach that has a clothing optional section as well as clothed section isn't there a significant amount of distance between the two?

I have been to beaches in New Jersey and elsewhere in New York where there are clothing optional sections and there has always been a big gap between the two and an understanding of what's what.

In other words, if you don't go looking for the clothing optional section, you won't find it.

From the article, it sounds more like a young politician (Ulrich - Republican, of course) trying to make a name for himself among possible voters who still think issues like this are more important than the economy, schools, crumbling infrastructure, etc., etc.

Beaches like this have this kind of voluntary separation without fences all over the country. Why waste the time and money on what is really a non-issue?


Anonymous said...

This beach does not have distance, it had a fence, which seemed to work. People just want the destroyed fence replaced.

Anonymous said...

Well why dont the offended residents chip in and buy and install the fence then ask the city for reimbursement?

Margaret Mead said...

Was that picture taken in the United States?

Or is it a picture of an anthropologist meeting some tribe along the Amazon River in Brazil?

Anonymous said...

A fence?

Neponsit wants it? Neponsit can pay for it. I think Neponsit can afford it if it's that important to them.

Those big houses look pretty darn nice on Google Street View and according to they're worth about a cool million a piece.

Let the rich pay for their own frickin' fence! Stop using everybody else's tax dollars for this non-essential nonsense.

And really though, isn't this more about keeping out the riff-raff (as Neponsit sees it) rather than any sort of "won't someone please think of the children!" decency crusade?

Face it, Eric Ulrich is just attempting to appeal to his wealthy constituents.

Decency my Aunt Fanny!

Anonymous said...

I don't live in the Rockaways and I can't stand Eric, but just put the fence back, if it was already there.

Anonymous said...

"Holistic"?? That means you get to see that dude's Hole weiner?

Anonymous said...

Looks like pix was taken in Trinidad...

Anonymous said...

The picture depicts an ugly woman who looks like a dude and an old fart looking like an even older fart > who want to look at these folks?

I think the real issue is that these naked uglies gravitate toward the clothed beach sections and that is the real problem.