Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Johnny owes $1/2M for illegal signs

From the NY Post:

The city's Environmental Control Board has upheld a decision ordering Comptroller John Liu to pay $527,400 in fines for plastering the city with 7,032 illegal campaign posters during his 2009 campaign, it was disclosed today.

The ruling marks another chapter in a fight that's been going on for more than two and a half years.

Liu won round one in 2010, when he convinced a hearing officer that the Sanitation Department didn't serve the summonses properly.

Sanitation officials were so outraged that they sent them out again.

Liu appealed, claiming this time that the summonses were sent to his former campaign treasurer instead of his current campaign treasurer.

A second hearing officer rejected that argument, noting that the Sanitation Department had relied on state Board of Election records that the Liu campaign had failed to update.

Liu then took his case to the entire Environmental Control Board, where his lawyer contended that the Sanitation Department had been put on notice in previous hearings that the treasurers had changed.

The ECB said Liu's campaign bore the responsibility of notifying the state Board of Elections of the shift and since it didn't do so owed the $527,400.


Anonymous said...

This guy should be in hand cuffs by now!

Anonymous said...

When is the axe going to drop? Or is it? After all, he is connected to Tommy and Alice Huang. We know nothing happens to them.

The D.A. is not going to indict the Huangs or any of their contractors for the fatality that occurred on Queens Blvd.

Perhaps if/when the adjacent building, that has been compromised by their unsafe and illegal construction, collapses, someone will get their just desserts.

Liu / Huang Dynasty - POWERFUL!

Anonymous said...

John Liu half a million...... City Time scandal HALF A BILLION!

Anonymous said...

What about all the other pols who post???????

Anonymous said...

Freeze his personal bank accounts and garnish his city paycheck until every penny is paid.

Equal justice under law.