Friday, July 6, 2012

Jamaica Garbage Problem Music Video, part 2

Some of the highlights include:

1. An abandoned house located at 170-05 Cedarcroft Rd (corner of Cedarcroft Rd & Homelawn St), which ironically when I went to check the status of the my 311 complaint today (Service # 1-1-758763221 dated June 20th) said and I quote: "The Department of Sanitation investigated this complaint and found no violation at the location." Interesting since I went to the location this past Saturday to find it in the same condition but with more garbage. How about removing the person who wrote that up and hire me. This location has been like this for way too long.

2. The abandoned playground (private property, not city) located at the corner of 109 Ave and 171 St, which has so much garbage inside of it and on the surrounding sidewalk. From what I read, this property has been in this state for a couple of years. Pamela Hazen of Jamaica had been complaining for some time according to a 2010 article in the Queens Chronicle and the owner of this property lives nearby, yet NOTHING has been done about this notorious garbage dumping site to date. SHAME!!

3. Sidewalk surrounding an empty lot at 171 St and 104 Avenue has not only a couple of mattresses on the surrounding area but 2 huge animal cages, which look like they were for a rabbit or guinea pig, which still contained the food dishes and the cedar chips. Totally disgusting. This seems to be in the area with the above playground and it makes sense, since that area over there seems like the bottom of the bottom of the barrel. It is a crime, considering that probably at one time that was a nice area, but with all the tearing down of one family homes by greedy developers (and the city allowing this) to building those cheap mini projects, all the garbage and residents of little quality who have moved in there, this is just another shit hole neighborhood in Jamaica. Might as well post a sign over there "Gone To Hell".

Joe Moretti


Anonymous said...

Why Queens is f*cked up:

You have said something bad about Queens.

If you have a program you councilman will stop your funding.

If you want a program to address this problem your councilman will refuse funding.

If this was really a problem it will be decided by your councilman. If its not a problem, they will do nothing about it and ignore you.

Now if you are an illegal immigrant, gay, like bikes or new development that is different...

Anonymous said...

After seeing this and living in here in Jamaica, the local councilmembers and city officials should be ashamed of themselves and pretty disturbed by these images. Ashamed for not doing anything about this and disturbed for letting this happen in the first place. Granted, the people who live here or travel through here add to this mess with their bad manners and upbringing, but the leaders really need to address this. I don't see this to this degree in other parts of Queens.