Thursday, July 12, 2012

Illegal conversions also a Hamptons problem

From the NY Times:

When one thinks of the Hamptons, what jumps to mind are masters of the universe and their mansions by the sea. But a strong, steady stream of immigrants has been flowing to the area for years, drawn by a service economy that demands hedges be trimmed and houses be cleaned. In the Springs, a hamlet in the town of East Hampton, where most of the houses are small and the year-round population is relatively large, the Hispanic population has tripled in the past 10 years — and tension has emerged.

Some longtime residents of the Springs and similar areas complain that homes are being illegally crowded, that houses with half a dozen cars parked outside are a blight on the street, and that the many children living inside are overwhelming the local schools and causing property taxes to rise.

The pockets of tension are concentrated in year-round communities, where the immigrants, legal and illegal, tend to live alongside the landscapers and the contractors with whom they are competing for business. These areas are far less affluent than the southern end of town, where Manhattanites spend the summer by the ocean, in homes hidden behind 12-foot hedges.


Anonymous said...

"Some longtime residents of the Springs and similar areas complain that homes are being illegally crowded, that houses with half a dozen cars parked outside are a blight on the street, and that the many children living inside are overwhelming the local schools and causing property taxes to rise."

It sounds just like Corona! I guess the NY Times pays attention when it happens to rich people.

Joe said...

All true and its BAD VERY BAD..especially the schools completely busting at the seams with feral children who only know Spanish and need special handeling.
Let me tell you about Springs and Springs Fireplace:
Look beyond the trees and you will find almost every property west of 3 mile harbor road has become a slum, almost like Queens. You take your life in your hands at night on those dark roads.
A good 1/2 these illegals are constantly driving trucks drunk insurance, no license. They have people registering for them with fake IDs in Tennessee and the Carolina's.
They are ALL noisy and TOTAL slobs with garbage, toys, baby carriages, cars and bikes. You can spot a mattress house a mile away by Mountains of Budweiser cans and garbage overflowing trash cans outside.
LOTS of prostitution and drug dealing going on by the females.
The problem is the rich liberal Democrats from Manhattan like Alec Baldwin, Martha Stewart, your Wall Street'rs want more then cheap domestic help and lawn cutters.
They have been replacing the local people influencing political seats. The folks running town of East Hamptons are almost all left wing Democrats and gays with the mentality of the Bloomberg - Obama mob.
Let them have there slum east of the Shinnicock.

Montauk is almost just as bad too. In Montauk the restaurants and hotels import drunken illegals from Ireland that work for tips (same crap)
These people live 6+ to a room in run down mildew rotting shacks along Fort Pond (remnants of the Ruschmeyers resort complex) with bedsheets as dividers & curtains like animals.
You can find them all throwing up, passed out on the street (Edgemere) when the Old Shebeen (Now renamed Surf Lodge for PR reasons) 10+ bouncers throw them out the door 3:59 AM
Every restaurant, bar and hotel uses them except LIARS saloon where the local year rounders & fishermen hang out. (The locals hate them and their employers for destroying all their kids jobs)

I will no longer step foot east of the Shinnicock canal. The traffic and garbage is not worth it.


Deke DaSilva said...


I love it when the wealthy get smacked in the face with reality!

It's my dream that the government builds 1,000 public housing units in Chappaqua, New York, home of the Clintons!

georgetheatheist said...

Thanks "-Joe", you're the best. For a helluva long time here on QC.

Perceptive, straight-shootin' analyis. No holds barred.

This is why we ALL read Queens Crap. Right?

Anonymous said...


Sorry for all caps, but it was slightly necessary.

Alec Baldwin said...

We'll try to muddle along without your sparkling personality, Joe.

Anonymous said...

Those Town of East Hampton idiots deserve every bit of what they asked for.
Those all those new million dollar "in-crowd" shitters are soon going to be worth nothing. This as school taxes and crime continue to climb and burn like a Saturn rocket.
I hope those people have locks on those big screen TVs, BBQ grills and brass beds come winter.

Anonymous said...

Joe said speaks the truth.

I was part of a share house on the beach past 3 mile harbor 30 years ago - already these houses were offered for seasonal rent in this area because it was affordable to most middle class youngster. And party we did till the sun rose and we hit the beach to sleep off the night. So this area just like Queens was naturally the best place to house the service industry as it was annexed for the service folks at first - contractors and staff coming in for season projects at the height of the RE boom to housing 3x the folks that are illegal and hide them out of sight off Springs into the woods. So 12-16 adults in a house designed for 6 people not including children is now the norm. Yep the Irish were then bussed from Montauk then as there were plenty of seedy hotels that turned a blind eye - after all the owners were Irish as well and had arrived the same way.

The analogy to Queens is the same - move the Chinese and Mexicans into Queens to serve Manhattan - everyone else in Queens will be displaced and move entirely out of NYC.

Joe said...

Alec speaks --and it sounds like him
I put you on the ground once outside the Talkhouse after watching you slap and shove your 85 pound ex wife around.
I will gladly do it again, your spoiled brat daughter can watch.

(As in Joe from Port Royal)
Boy am I glad I sold that co-op 4 years ago. One house in Ridgewood near immigrant garbage is enough

Alec Baldwin said...

Joe - It does sound like me? Really???? You sure about that???

Billy Baldwin said...

Actually, it was me!

Eric Baldwin said...

No it WAS ME!! why are you taking credit!