Friday, July 6, 2012

Getting rusty in LIC

Hey Queens Crapper, have you seen the East of East building? its on 13-14 Jackson Avenue in Long Island City across the street from Manducatis.

Wow is that building a load of Crap, its a big pile of Rusted Crap and its been dripping rust all over the sidewalk staining the sidewalk and the rest of the facade with Rust!

I mean who in the right mind would purposely build a condo building and clad it with rusted metal, not to mention the tiny prison type windows?

This once was a condo that failed and is now finally open as a cheap rental building.

Look at the pics of the facade and the sidewalk, don't you love the rust stains all over, and what about that plywood for a fence door, and let's not forget its right next door to a taxi gas station.... Plus a major Eye Sore!!!

Even the website is crappy.
I would think that this building could win the Ugliest Building In Queens 2012!
Enjoy the pics!!!

- anonymous


Anonymous said...

I'll bet the black walls with the prison windows were meant to be glass walls until they ran out of money. I refuse to believe that someone would design something so bad.

Anonymous said...

Oh rust, how so absolute mrvy!! It is SOOOOO in!! I want one, I need one, I simply MUST have one!! LIC is the new up and coming place, and I simply must be there!!!! Name your price Mr. slimy realtor!!!!

Anonymous said...

Most of those buildings in LIC are being thrown together with hot foreign money intent on a quick buck.

Be smart. Stay in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

"Enjoy the pics!!!"

Shirley you jest.

Anonymous said...

Talk about a true Queens Crap!

Joe said...

This piece of shit like many appearing in Astora-LIC was clearly made up on CAD with an input list of cheap surplus industrial building materials.
The small window's are to prevent unsupervised feral offspring of illegal aliens from spilling out.
Didn't you hear the mayor is a compassionate emperor who doesn't want anything happening to future democrats in his new kingdom.

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of shit supported by Jimmy No Brainer who lavishes millions of Archie and Edith's tax money to trustifarians that looks down on the very people funding this shit ... Jimmy's old constituents .... and truthfully Jimmy himself because he is a product of the vary world he is erasing.

Anonymous said...

That is probably Cor-Ten Steel. Otherwise known as weathering steel. It needs to rust to form a passivization layer of oxides to inhibit further corrosion.

Anonymous said...

"That is probably Cor-Ten Steel. Otherwise known as weathering steel. It needs to rust to form a passivization layer of oxides to inhibit further corrosion."

I believe you are correct. And I've seen this used elsewhere - both past and present. The oxidized dark reddish brown exterior layer is indeed meant to protect the non-oxidized steel underneath.

But, it almost always looks horrible and, within a short time (~10 years), water usually gets through the oxidized layer in places and into the steel underneath (along with oxygen) and then THAT part of the steel begins to rust.

Because when steel rusts it expands, it pushes through parts of the oxidized steel coating and leaves big rusty orangey stains all over the exterior. It's as though this "new" rust is "bubbling up" through that allegedly impenetrable rust coating.

You think this thing looks ugly now? You ain't seen nothin' yet!

I've always thought Cor-Ten steel was a bad idea. Rust is permeable. In practice, this stuff very frequently just doesn't work the way it's supposed to.

KG2V said...

That is "Cor-ten" steel (or some other brand of the same stuff) - it can look good, but it DOES shead rust, for 5-10 years, then STOPS, what you are supposed to do is during that time wash down your sidewalks with a weak muriatic acid bath now and then to remove the staining. Like I said, standard for buildings designed for it, but then again, with this crappy stuff, probably will never get done

Anonymous said...

A building only an Asian would love - it's brand new!

Velvethead said...

Wash your sidewalk with muriatic acid. I can understand the response action, but wait until City DEP gets a load of this! The building better have it's checkbook open!

Velvethead said...

Having just read the summary of Corten steel on Wikipedia, an Architect has got to be out of his/her tree to spec it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the library branch Jimmy and his buddies on the library board of developers are planning for LIC.