Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gang problem growing

From the Daily News:

Queens is plagued by dangerous street crews and it’s going to take an “army” to clamp down on them, a high-ranking NYPD official said.

Gun-toting youngsters, who identify themselves by group names like “Gang of Apes (G.O.A)” and “Pop on Site,” are growing, police officials said.

“We’re not going to wait around until the murder rate goes up 36%,” said Assistant Commissioner Kevin O’Connor with the NYPD’s Juvenile Justice Division.

Any push to curb the crews, which are estimated to include 5,000 members citywide, must include the community and the parents, he said.

“It takes a village? No. The village is dead. It takes an army right now,” O’Connor told a youth seminar at York College on Wednesday. “This is affecting every kid out there.”

In Patrol Borough Queens South, which includes eight precincts in Queens, there have been 14 shootings this month as of June 26, according to Sgt. Luis Orsini of the Juvenile Justice Division Queens South.


Anonymous said...

Wow, 5000 kids in vicious, murderous gangs in Queens. It really looks like a vibrant thriving place. Sure looks like emperor bloomberg is doing a fine job.
Sure glad he got a third term, especially with results like these.
Strange how nobody ever saw anything like this when Guilliane was mayor.

Anonymous said...

Haven't we been complaining about rising gang violence over the last few years, just to get shouted down at community meetings by the police brass and local politicians? Too much dirt has been swept under the rug, and now the dirt is bulging OUT OF the rug. The truth is becoming harder to hide Mr. Bloomburg and Mr. Kelly!

stq said...

Maps of NYC crime.

Crime is lower now than it's been in many years. Gangs will always exist in cities with poverty, segregated neighborhoods, and criminalization of marijuana.

Riff said...

Remember the good old daze er days???

Captain Renault said...

“It takes a village? No. The village is dead. It takes an army right now,”

Contra Hillary Clinton, it doesn't take a village, nor does it take a platoon of government bureaucrats and social workers armed with generous pensions and health benefits.

Where the Captain comes from, it takes a mother and a father willing to administer a swift beating to a child's behind with a leather belt!

But I digress!


Anonymous said...

Two years ago the pd cut the gang unit by 60% through the the rest of the department.It's gonna be a long summer.

Anonymous said...

The roots of poverty in Queens are tied to the fact that it draws not the entrepreneurs or business-builders that other parts of the United States attract.

Queens attracts the people looking for the biggest welfare payouts. Yes, they are lazy but mobile parasites. The victims are illegals, and strangely, they fear the police more than the gang that just put a bullet into their neighbor.

Anon 1 was correct. People were writing about the end of the threat of gangs at the end of the Giuliani administration.

Anonymous said...

"The NYPD is holding information sessions in Staten Island on Friday and Brooklyn on Monday."

Uh...the crimes and gangs are in Queens but the NYPD is having info sessions in Staten Island and Brooklyn. Dumb!

Anonymous said...

Every cop I know has either retired in the last few years, or is waiting for their 20 to get out. I am talking about GOOD cops who actually cared about what they are doing. They are telling me that morale is completely shot, and that the longer Kelly and Bloomberg stay in office, the more the NYPD rots from within.

Anonymous said...

Many of the current NYPD officers were not raised in the city and have little to no street smarts. Faced with a situation they pull to the curb and open the window half way to speak with citizens. They try their hardest not to get out of the patrol car and not to do their job.

Sure there are some hard working officers on the streets and they take pride in their work. But what I have witnessed in northeast Queens are cops who think their presence inside a patrol car is enough to curb crime.

Anonymous said...

Sure there are some hard working officers on the streets and they take pride in their work. But what I have witnessed in northeast Queens are cops who think their presence inside a patrol car is enough to curb crime.
After too many decades of failed liberal policies, this city is finally reaping what it has sown. It is getting the substandard police department that it deserves.

Anonymous said...

Todays cops get little to no stret training.And yes when you want a diverse pd you get cops who are cluless and barely understand english.If you grew up in a foreign land,what can you do in NYC? Whenever you see a cop who has done anything newsworthy,it's almost always a white male or hispanic new yorker..........woner why? It's just a job now,it used to be a calling.No one has any pride in doing the job............sad.

Anonymous said...

With Manhattanite Money comes Manhattanite Crime!!!
What riches can Gang members get from the poor!!! Years ago BEFORE the "hurricanes" took out the RICH people's house boats in the Hamptons and They ALL STAMPEDED HERE!!! We poor family oriented Queens people of ALL races and Religion got along fine and friendly!!! No major crime in Astoria.... But with the RICH taking over, those who prey on those who THINK their above EVERYONE will go where their meal ticket is!!! Fix your DAMN HOUSE BOATS AND GO BACK TO THE HAMPTONS!!! So Queens can go back to being safe family oriented community safe for children and Grandparents! Gangs know that old people and kids don't have no dough so, where the Rich go they'll go!!!

You want to get rid of Gangs!!! Hit them at their source!!! FORCE THE RICH BACK TO WHERE THE FLED FROM & you may get your home back all safe and sound!!!

Queens people are known as big mouths, so why don't we all tell these "INVADERS" to go back! Maybe they'll take a hint!!! I know the rich have been trying to get rid of the poor for a long time... But unlike them WE don't have the luxury of affording to live anywhere else!!!

Just this week my mom heard the "Manhattanite rich" ask if ALL the old people were DEAD yet!!!! These IDIOTS gave us BEDBUGS , Crime/Gangs, and are destroying Astoria brick by brick!!! You want GANG GONE GET RID OF THE RICH!!!

The poor can't make money on the poor, we can just live in peace and go to CHURCH!
By the way I'm a Roman Catholic Italian Old fashion Girl!!!
I'm sick of all these stoned Rich people polluting my grandmother's neighborhood!!!

This isn't progress, this is our destruction, if we continue to allow them to just walk all over us!!! To many queen's neighbors lose their homes and businesses to these PIGS!!!