Monday, July 9, 2012

Dems suddenly against Asian prostitution

From the Politicker:

It looks like the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will probably win the award for the most creative press release title this week.

“Foreign Chinese prostitution money is allegedly behind the groups funding Congressman Michael Grimm’s (NY-11) Republican Majority,” a statement sent out by the organization began.

The press release, sent out earlier this afternoon, proceeded to a fairly generic attack that has nothing specifically to do with Mr. Grimm: Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson is investing a lot of money into Republican efforts, Mr. Grimm is a Republican and Mr. Adelson allegedly approved of prostitution at his casinos in the Macau province of China.

So it's bad for a party to accept money from a guy who turns a blind eye to prostitution in another country, but it's ok to have your own party candidate's congressional campaign run by an outfit that accepts prostitution ads in its NYC-based newspaper?

I see a lot of irony in the Democratic pot calling the Republican kettle black.


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georgetheatheist said...
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Also, the Country Dems endorsed Grace over the more experienced Rory in the name of diversity, but have retained that old dinosaur Stavisky.

georgetheatheist said...

Folks, HERE is why you read Queens Crap. Great work, Crapman. Will the "lame-stream" media now pick-up on this hypocrisy?

Permit me to add:

From the "NYC-based newspaper" [referred to by the Crapper], the Queens Tribune, publisher Michael Schenkler's May 10 editorial:

"...Assemblywoman Meng and I agreed to cooperatively develop a legislative solution to address the concerns that some women's groups have about newspaper advertising and sex trafficking [What? Only women's groups concerns? No mention of over 5 years of Queens Crap's and your truly's concerns?]...advertisements for 'massage' can and should be regulated by the State...What if anyone offering a 'massage' service...had to put the number of their massage license in the ad?...[Meng] and I agree she would ask Albany Assembly staff to draft an appropriate law requiring advertisements for 'massage' or any service that would be provided from someone with a massage license, be required to display their license number in ads . . . [Meng] will ask Albany Legislative staff to address the 'Escort' business and recommend legislative remedies...where 'escort' business cross the line and result in activities that may cause sex trafficking... At the end of the day, Assemblywoman Meng will have appropriately picked up the gauntlet and taken the regulation questions about sex trafficking to the State Legislature where it belongs, resulting hopefully in the passage of legislation that would provide a Statewide standard of appropriateness and legality - or illegality...I am happy to follow the leadership of Grace Meng on this issue." [In the meantime, Michael Schenkler, it's "appropriate" for you to continue to run these vile ads?]

Folks, Schenkler wrote that 2 months ago. Have you heard anything about Meng's progress, her "picking up the gauntlet", providing "leadership" on this joint Schenkler/Meng "course of action"?

Ann Jawin, founder of the Center for the Women of New York (which honored Grace Meng at its 25th anniversary awards luncheon on April 28) are you reading this here Queens Crap posting out in your summer home on Shelter Island? Is your organization EVER going to take ACTION on this matter? All you do is talk-talk-talk about this.

So. Now it is 2 weeks after Meng's primary win. Have any of you readers heard of her no longer using the Queens Tribune Associate Publisher Michael Nussbaums's Multi Media printing services for her future campaign literature against her Republican opponent Halloran or will she continue to use warehoused items like this?

The silence from everywhere is deafening

Anonymous said...

Thank you George, you're 100% right!

Anonymous said...

so it is very obvious, Queens registered democrats must vote for the Conservative/Republican candidate in November 2012.
Cm. Dan Halloran.....

Anonymous said...

Everywhere except the Chronicle, George, let's not forget.

Anonymous said...

Meng's Flushing Assembly office phone number:

718 939-0195

Give her a buzz and ask her yourself how that "massage" legislation is going.

Then hop over to her campaign site and ask how that Nussbaum/Schenkler/whore ads connection is going:

347 809-7252 (her Forest Hills office)
347 542-3778 (her Flushing digs)

georgetheatheist said...

Gary Ackerman, who endorsed Grace Meng, has financial relationship with Meng's campaign.

"Ackerman reported that... he held an investment in Tribco, LLC worth between $250,000 and $500,000...Among Tribco's assets...are the Queens Tribune...and Multi-Media, the consulting firm run out of the Tribune's office that Meng's campaign has retained...Ackerman estimated he holds...10 percent ownership in Tribco..."

Folks, you can read the whole City&State, May 30, 2012 article here.

So, let me get this straight. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee attacks Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm for some kind of de facto dubious "connection" with Sheldon Adelson. They don't however attack Grace Meng for shaking hands with the de jure "10%" prostitution ad promoter Congressman Gary Ackerman?

At least the whores are honest in their endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Why, they lost their discounts?

Anonymous said...

Who the hell do you think has been funding Congressman Ackerman's campaigns all of these years...
the Pope?

We've suspected that Asian whore money has been finding its way into Gary's offshore accounts for years.

Just subpoena the 2 Mikes...
Nussbaum and Shenckler.

Now you've got Grace Meng
on the ticket
to put it all on the express track.