Monday, July 2, 2012

Claire still pushing Flushing waterfront plan

From the Times Ledger:

The local development corporation helmed by former Borough President Claire Shulman had a second public hearing last week on its vision to transform the Flushing waterfront east of College Point Boulevard into a coastal parkland and mixed-use development.

The Flushing Willets Point Corona Local Development Corp. received a $1.5 million grant from the state last year to explore a possible transformation of the area between Flushing Creek, Prince Street, Roosevelt Avenue and Northern Boulevard. Members of the corporation detailed their findings in last Thursday’s presentation.

“The Flushing waterfront is an area of grossly untapped potential,” said Nick Roberts, project manager for the LDC, who along with his colleagues projected that the 60-acre area mainly comprised of industrial or unused lots could eventually handle an additional 2 million square feet or 1,600 units of housing, 140,000 square feet of entertainment space and 95,000 square feet of retail, among other potential uses.

It is designed to complement another proposed development at Willets Point across the river. Shulman’s vision even includes a footbridge between the two.

The area is part of a program to redevelop brownfields under the auspices of the state Department of Environmental Conservation. In this case, the area is “underutilized,” which meant it was eligible for the grant money doled out to Shulman’s LDC last year.

The group called Willets Point United, which was formed to combat eminent domain abuse and has long dogged Shulman’s development efforts in the Willets Point and Flushing sections of the borough, released a cautionary statement about the seizure of property.

“It is the position of Willets Point United that the LDC’s brownfield project is actually a thinly disguised land grab,” the group said in a statement.

Its members said the LDC could use eminent domain to seize property in the area on the premise that it is underdeveloped, and then dole that property out to some of the big-name developers who support the corporation.

Shulman flatly denied her group would be seizing anyone’s property.

“Read my lips: There’s no eminent domain,” she said in an interview following the meeting. “I’m not in the business of taking people’s property.”

Willets Point United also lashed out at Shulman after she received the grant in the wake of an investigation by the state attorney general for lobbying city lawmakers without a license.

Every person I sent this article to wrote back and asked why the Manes girl isn't in prison yet.


Porto said...

Areas like Willets Point is what makes New York unique. Do we really need more waterfronts or malls?

Anonymous said...

the Flushing waterfront east of College Point Boulevard.

I believe they mean WEST of College point boulevard.

There is not a housing project in NYC that they (government/big developers) are not trying to flood the surrounding area with luxury condominiums.

Anonymous said...

When are the Feds coming in to collar Shulman, the illegal lobbyist?

Jerry Rotondi said...

I served on the
Coalition For A Planned Flushing Inc.
many years ago.

A lot of OUR IDEAS were stolen
by the Shulman crew and passed on as their own--
particularly the waterfront esplanade.

They never had an original idea
in their heads, or up their asses
for that matter!