Sunday, March 18, 2018

Communities across NYC see the writing on the wall

From YouTube/PIX11:

Lawmakers want the space for new classrooms. Some in the community are worried the hotel will be used to house homeless individuals.

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Anonymous said...

Of course it will be used to house homeless. Thats what mayor dumbdumb does.

Joe Moretti said...

AGAIN, I will say this, BUT I have not heard from any elected official, agency, etc about WHEN this so-called and partially manufactured "homeless crisis" in NYC gets to a low level, what happens to all of the hotel homeless shelters. I mean what do they become, because NYC certainly does not have a need for all these hotels, especially in shady, sketchy out of the way places. So is there any discussion on this or is this just another manufactured "crisis/problem" that will just be kept in the active folder forever. Has there ever been one problem created that has actually ended instead of becoming a cash cow big business.

No wonder every one is so miserable and on edge these days. From a egotistic totally unqualified asshole in the White House that sucks up oxygen and news every minute with his constant stupid shit and "fake news" bullshit to a asshole Mayor who consumes news cycles with this constant homeless bullshit and illegal immigrants. It is a constant barrage of doom and gloom that these folks have helped create but don't have to actually deal with, since they are the "elitist" BUT US folks have to continually bare the brunt of poor leadership, bad policies and talking head bullshit posing as news (FOX, MSNBC, etc) and awful local news that last an hour long and is filled with 99% superficial bullshit. And let's not forget identity politics that Democrats love to play and then complete utter bullshit the Republicans always play, where facts and truth have absolutely no bearing what-so-ever.

One fucking mess, no matter how you look at it and we are being played for fools on both sides.

Anonymous said...

It's socio-economic engineering.Stalin did this sort of thing. They are moving homeless families from the Bronx and Brooklyn, affected by generational poverty, into stable, middle class Queens neighborhoods--with good, well performing schools, where parents are actively involved in the education of their kids--in order to have these families finally break out of their generational poverty. So, not only are we the highest taxed and tolled people in our entire nation, we are now being made responsible for getting these families out of generational poverty.

Anonymous said...

Anon#3: You make it sound like they intend to sacrifice our success in favor of their success.