Wednesday, March 7, 2018

City's trash cans being pilfered

From NBC:

It's not clear why, but thieves are stealing the city's 275-pound trash cans. Melissa Russo reports in an I-Team exclusive.


JQ LLC said...

If these skels can't sell it for scrap, the likely reason may be that these are going to auto body shops to be smelted for spare metal for refurbishing.

Could be a preemptive move before the lunatic steel tariffs go into place.

Gary W said...

Hmm, I'm sure QC readers can figure it out. Now where did that manhole cover go?

Anonymous said...

Fill them with our crooked politicians then steal them and dump them!

Anonymous said...

Manhole covers have also been stolen in the past. They melt them down and sell the pure metal for lots of $$$ . It doesn't surprise me that the city with all it's man power and law enforcement isn't cracking down on this. If it not dealt with we will have an even dirtier city.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the 1970s!

Joe Moretti said...

Anon stated:

. It doesn't surprise me that the city with all it's man power and law enforcement isn't cracking down on this.

But in reality, think about it, is there ANYTHING, that this city actually cracks down on and enforces:

None of the below:

Illegal Conversions
Illegal curb cuts
Illegal paving over all grass/greenery
garbage cans not properly covered
Illegal parking on sidewalks
Cleaning up sidewalks of all debris and grease in front of businesses
Sex Trafficking
Illegal Construction
Illegal truck driving on residential streets
Illegal truck parking on streets

I mean they hardly enforce laws on the book, let alone a crackdown, hence why NYC is pretty much a shithole compared to other cities (except maybe Detroit, maybe).

How about training all those homeless in such positions. You end the homeless bullshit and then you end all this quality of life bullshit, then eliminate staff at agencies that do nothing, eliminate the BP Presidents and their entire staff and the same with the Public Advocate and its entire staff, since neither of these positions do a damn thing.

Disgusted Diva said...

But if you commit the egregious crime of accidentally rolling through a stop sign, you will be hunted down and prosecuted to the full extent of the law!! Eager beaver cops from the 111th did that to me last year, following me, a 68 year old retiree, into my driveway. They are so on the job......

Anonymous said...

You have the scum of the earth, illegal immigrants, convicted felons working for NYC agencies. Go into any NYC agencies. More than half the people are immigrants, very very few are white Americans.

Anonymous said...

You said it, Joe Moretti, but alas, who's listening in City Hall, when the whole system is entrenched in de BLASS-hole's Affirmative Action rewards program for reverse discrimination to prevail. He hires all of these intentionally dumb and stupid minorities (who can't hold onto a job in private industry), and I never thought that I would see the day when people of color who don't know what they are doing would be in a position of power and control to tell white people what to do (and have backing from whites in power to do it)!

Get out of this padded cell alive, Joe. New York City and New York State are both criminal enterprises of great dishonor, disloyalty and absolute DISGRACE! And, while I am on the subject of padded cells, Joe, Channel 4's Melissa Russo BELONGS INSIDE of one of those trash cans, and they can take that worthless, do nothing, know nothing Chris Glorioso with them (THAT'S WHAT JOURNALISM LOOKS LIKE?). In fact, the whole network stinks like 300 pounds of rotting fish in the sun!

Not too long ago, I called upon BOTH of these useless, smug and monstrously self serving assholes to investigate corruption in southeastern Queens, regarding the Racino gambling empire-racket, when my neighbor was assaulted by a drunken gambler down the street from that Third World den of inequity, and neither responded with dignity and human decency, much less journalistic integrity. BOTH uncaring imbeciles behaved like corporate obedient sycophants and unresponsive tyrants, whose fake journalism betrayed all pretense of honest, ethical news coverage (that leads by example). I know people with far less breeding and education who would have behaved more ethically and responsibly!

They can both blast off along with their crooked, third rate network of epic fail (as if the others are are any better). Now, I reply upon my local news form the town crier and my caring and educated neighbors, both of which are a lot safer and a thousand percent more reliable (because THEY ACTUALLY CARE, AND IT SHOWS)!

Anonymous said...

I can remember about 30 or 40 years ago when the heavy wire trash baskets were being stolen, people said they were being taken to people's country homes and used to burn trash.If these new cans are not being sold for scrap maybe they are taking them to another city and selling them if there are no markings saying property of NYC.

TommyR said...

Definitely scrap. They'll turn up somewhere like the outfit what used to be Charles J King in East W'msburg.